Resolve Sustainable Solutions Farmer's Helper HotCake Poultry Supplement

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  • A treat that your chicken will love while supporting normal avian health!

    • Quality ingredients like oats, peanuts, mangos, and flax seed.
    • High-quality animal protein in the form of crab meal.
    • Flavored with spices including red pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, and fenugreek.
    • Supports Normal Avian Health
    • Ready and Easy to Use with Minimal Waste
    • Simulates Natural Foraging

    Farmers’ Helper[​IMG] HotCake[​IMG] treats are designed to support normal avian health with minimal waste. Chickens will forage on the HotCake[​IMG] for hours.
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  1. KrisCVT
    "Healthy snack to keep your flock busy!"
    Pros - Lasts several days, healthy, just needs to strung up and ready to go.
    Cons - No bulk order option
    I love this product. I cannot believe no one has reviewed it yet. I started with the chick version- and moved up to this. While at work all day, I wanted to keep my girls busy. This product is healthy and offers them something to pick at. I have 5 hens, and I use about 1 per week. I string it up with some twine, so it swings too, keeping them engaged. It has lots of yummy things in it- like oats, crabmeal, cayenne and tumeric. My girls love it- and eat the bits that happen to fall to the ground too. If your birds are unsure about this at first- hang it- then use your finger to scratch a little off of it, letting some fall to the ground for them- they will figure it out in no time. Be careful when handling- because of the cayenne- do not touch your eyes or lips right after (I learned the hard way). I do wish that I could buy these by the case, because I find them for prices between 6.99-8.99- so buying them at least weekly feels expensive. Highly recommended.
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  1. KrisCVT
    They do get out almost every day- and they are out until dusk when they go in themselves. I use this treat for the daytime hours while I am at work and they are puttering around the run. Tried a homemade recipe- they ate it way too fast!
  2. ladyearth
    and if you really want to see them happy let them out at least before roost time to roam your yard while watching.
    just a saying
  3. ladyearth
    there are prob recipes like that on here. Know I saw some home made flock block type receipes

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