Rhode Island Red

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  1. Duckstruck
    "Bad Reputation, Good at Heart!"
    Pros - Curious, Very Friendly, Great Egg Layer
    Cons - Not the flashiest hen
    Maybe my situation is rare and uncommon, but I've found my RIR, Alice, to be a sweet chicken. She is always first in line to follow me and has a natural curious nature. Alice, unlike other accounts of a power-hungry, aggressive RIRs, is not close to it. If anything, I'd say my Jersey Giants are more dominant than she is! Additional points for being a prolific egg layer!

    Now, that's just the hen. My RIR rooster was a horrible bird. Regardless of breed, sometimes roosters are just mean.
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  2. Firekin1
    "Great Birds"
    Pros - Excellent layers, calm not flighty, winter hardy hens
    Cons - Roosters combs can be prone to frost bite


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  3. famerzellman
    "Red Ladies"
    Pros - hardy
    Cons - aggressive to new chicks
    I have five RiRs they are docile towards me and actually quite smart and funny. How ever i gave them a two star because they are very aggressive to new chicks and do not like to be handled even though i have handled them since they were chicks. They do not like to lay their eggs in the nest box and actually will fly over a barricade fence :hmm
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  4. bakleiber
    Pros - My best layer, and by far the largest eggs
    Cons - Not as friendly, but I am more interested in the eggs
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  5. Arizona Bob
    "Unique Personalities"
    Pros - Lay almost daily
    Heat tolerant
    Like to be hand fed, even held
    Cons - Younger (#3) is VERY loud and can be aggressive towards the pullet (#4) of the flock, whom she likes to peck and chase.
    Older (#2) in a flock of 4 mixed is quiet, friendly, & gets along with ALL others, even a pullet that's not hers. Younger (#3) is loud, mean to the pullet, and pushes everyone else out of the way to get to food and treats even if there are several piles available. Heat tolerant (115F here in AZ) as long as you provide water for them to stand in, make mud, mist them and the coop, and give plenty of water and cold, wet fruit & veggies (like cucumber, watermelon, cold cooked corn, lettuce, etc.)
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  6. Nutmeg15
    "Many Personalities!"
    Pros - Beautiful birds, decent layers, and can be wonderfully sweet.
    Cons - Aggressive towards other birds, take long breaks without laying.
    I have had two Rhode Island Reds with very different personalities.

    Nutmeg was the sweetest hen I have ever had, and she simply loved being held and snuggled. She was talkative and always low in the pecking order due to her small size. When putting her with younger, smaller hens, she was aggressive towards them and established herself as the dominant hen quickly.

    My other RIR, Apple Pie, is at the top of our current pecking order and VERY bossy. She is aggressive towards the other smaller hens we have and loves chasing them away from food. She is tolerant of being held...for a little while.

    Neither hen ever seemed to have problems with the cold or foraging.

    Overall, it seems to me that this breed can show various different traits depending on the chicken. They do seem to be aggressive towards others in order to be the top chicken but can be lovable and sweet.
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  7. SoCalClucker
    "Must-have for any mixed laying flock!"
    Pros - Very productive layer, great chicken to have as top of the pecking order
    Cons - Was a little aggressive the first 2 days we had her, but then settled down
    Sunny was one of our first hens when we first started keeping chickens. Being slightly older than the other girls, she was the obvious top of the pecking order, and everyone needed to know it! But once that was settled, she became a very sweet leader who never abused any of the other birds. She laid an egg everyday like clockwork, and it seemed to encourage the other birds to do the same :) Just got a few chicks to add to our flock, and one is a RIR, as we wouldn't be without one.
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  8. Sharwig
    "A hardy but aggressive breed"
    Pros - Cold & heat tolerant, good foragers, average layers, predator smart. Roo can be very protective
    Cons - Aggressive, bullies, flighty, noisy
    We had four, including a roo, but are down to three. One we raised; two we picked up locally after being told they were a year old. The roo repeatedly attacked me. He was beautiful and did a great job protecting the girls, but was loud crowing all day. Neighbors complained so we found him a new home. Two of the three hens are aggressive. Aside from pecking, they chase the others away from waterers/feeders. One 'plowed' the other hens right off the roost! The one we raised is the most aggressive and has attacked my husband (only once). They can also be noisy (one squawks all day). Of the three, only one lays consistently; one doesn’t lay at all and hasn’t for some time (in her defense, we think she is much older than one year). This breed does seem to be cold/heat tolerant and lays very nice large brown eggs, but my experience is they are aggressive, flighty and only average layers; I wouldn't own them again.
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  9. ChickenMom16
    "Love them!"
    Pros - Very pretty
    Cons - Can be aggressive
    I have had RIRs for almost a year now. I got them as chicks from Rural King and raised them into the funny chickens they are today. They are very good egg layers and pretty colors. RIRs are good bug eaters. I only have RIRs so I don't know how well they act with other type chickens. I recently hatched 3 eggs that were from my chickens and my hens and my Rooster were being very aggressive to them so had to separate them. Any time I come outside they come running because they think I have treats for them but they do love me.
  10. Rob Tof
    Pros - Followed me like a puppy
    Cons - Poops on my porch
    Very friendly not afraid of my dog. Will chase other non chicken birds away
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