Rite Farm Products- Medium Kill Cone

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  • Rite Farm Products Medium restraining/killing cone. Cones make killing and cleanup easy by restraining the bird during bleeding. Professionally made using proper machines for accurate size. Smooth hemmed top and bottom edges and a proper flat back for correct mounting. Flat back design mounts using 2 points to mount for proper hold on surface rather than hanging by one screw only in the middle. For layers, large layers, broilers, roosters, ducks, and young turkeys up to 10 pounds. Measures 12.5 inches long and 10.25 inches wide at top. Built to last. • Hemmed Edges for safety • Flat Back for easy mounting from 3 points • Easy-to-clean and operate • Professionally made (not poorly garage or china made like others available) • Properly sized, made to fit a wider variety of birds
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  1. ronott1
    "Good processing help"
    Pros - Good explanation of the cone
    Cons - A bigger picture in the article would help
    Thanks for the review!

    The price is not too high and would work a lot better than the DIY cones I have seen
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