Rooster Booster Pick No More Lotion

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  1. juststruttin
    "Great Stuff"
    Pros - Works great, easy applicator bottle
    Cons - Bottle is small and expensive for amount you get, also needs to be re-applied daily
    I love this stuff and go though alot of it. I raise polish and the chicks tend to pick on each others tops hats, so I apply this and problem solved. The only downside, you have to re-apply daily and the stuff is expensive. I pay $9 buck a bottle at my local feed store. It may be cheaper on-line.
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  2. ChickensAreSweet
    "Rooster Booster Pick No More Lotion"
    Pros - Tastes bad to chickens to prevent pecking
    Cons - It looks like molasses and is messy
    This has saved many chicks of mine as after the "pasty butt" is washed off, the newly washed area is sometimes targeted for pecking by other chicks. A little of this on the bottom and it tastes bad to them!

    Wipe beak, wipe beak. And all is well!

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  1. LittleBits
    Can you put this anywhere on their bodies where they are being picked and even on scabs and open places?
  2. Farmgirl Lily
    I love Rooster Booster! I use it when my chickens are bleeding, and apply it directly to their wound. They leave each other alone, but it does indeed have to be applied again after several days depending on how bad their injuries are. Whatever the case, it's a great thing to have around for chicken first aid!
  3. ChickensAreSweet
    Jobele: I buy it from the feed store, but have seen it online also.
    Symphony: It might work on your roosters' feet...but I haven't tried it on feet before. You probably need to clean the feet and get them to heal a bit before applying the lotion. He should be separated until the bleeding stops, then you can try the lotion. You might need to apply some antibiotic ointment without painkillers if it looks bad? Pinless peepers (chicken blinders) might be needed for severe picking.
  4. Symphony
    Will it work on roosters feet? My redstar pullets attack my roosters' feet and now they are really bleeding.
  5. Jobele
    Where do you buy this from?
  6. chickensinwasillaAK
    I like it also, my roosters have torn up the backs of a couple hens and they tend to get picked so I spread this on the picked area and no more picking. I think the first one that tasted it told all the others to stay away, tastes bad.

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