Rooster Booster - Sulfur Salve 4 oz.

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  • Rooster Booster Sulfur Ointment is the best mite control product on the market. Sulfur Salve Ointment comes in a super concentrated petroleum base that aids in the prevention of feather mites and lice. Note: Rooster Booster Sulfur Ointment also helps to heal any skin problems or eruptions on poultry or fowl. Use Rooster Booster Sulfur Ointment as an external treatment for insect bites, skin infections, infected wounds, skin irritations, fungi, and for the adverse effects of mites, lice, and pox on poultry or fowl. Directions: Apply 3 to 4 times daily or as needed. For poultry, apply to feathers, under wings, and on legs and feet. Cannot be sold in NJ or LA.
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  1. Michael Apple
    "Gets under the scales for scaly leg mites"
    Pros - Highly effective against scaly leg mites
    Cons - Unpleasant scent. Wear surgical gloves :)
    I have used this product a number of times over the years. It will cure scaly leg mites when applied properly and massaged into scales on the bird's legs. It must be done a couple times a week, likely more often for severe cases. Apply it in the early evening when birds get on their roosts. It then has time to absorb over night and less litter/dirt will stick to their legs.

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  1. chickenmama109
    can it help with fowl pox

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