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  • Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Drake-green head, white collars, a deep claret breast, blue speculum feathers. Hen-brown with greenish black or brown penciling.
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    Rouen (pronounced roan) named after the town of Rouen where they were developed in Northern France. In 1850 the first Rouens were introduced to the USA. They were included in the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection in 1874.
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  • Breed Details:
    Rouens are considered a heavy breed. Adult drakes (males) weigh 8 to 10 pounds and hens(females)weigh 7 to 9 pounds. Egg Color - Blue-green to near-white. Ducklings are black with two yellow stripes on their head, white on breast, black beak and feet. Rouens are brighter in colour than Mallards. Thank you to Kansaskid, 1234duck, and, Baralak for permission to use their photos.







Recent User Reviews

  1. Cody.RouenDucks
    "Most beautiful duck breed"
    Pros - They do not fly. They lay eggs daily. Pretty colors! Somewhat calm.
    Cons - Like any ducks. They are very messy!!
  2. Jacob Duckman
    "the chubby and affectionate mallard"
    Pros - affectionate, good layer, good meat bird
    Cons - hens are loud and drakes can sometimes be extremely agressive.
  3. honanbm
    "Sweetest Duck"
    Pros - calm, friendly, quiet
    Cons - a bit on the tubby side

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  1. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
    The best domestic duck breed for greenish and blueish eggs.
  2. SlowGo135
    how do you tell the difference between Rouen ducks a3nd mallard ducks?
    1. Ryan Wiemken
      Size- mallards do not get much bigger than a softball and rouens should be the size of a basket ball.
      Ryan Wiemken, Nov 20, 2017
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos likes this.
  3. buff goose guy
    Your pretty much right

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