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Drake-green head, white collars, a deep claret breast, blue speculum feathers. Hen-brown with greenish black or brown penciling.
Breed Size
Large Fowl
Rouen (pronounced roan) named after the town of Rouen where they were developed in Northern France. In 1850 the first Rouens were introduced to the USA. They were included in the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection in 1874.

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Pros: 1. Friendly.
2. Hardy.
3. Decent layer
4. Beautiful
5. Trainable
Cons: 1. Slightly skittish around small children
I have one Rouen duck. She is a decent layer; she lays an egg about 5 days a week. Her eggs are a pale green and large. They taste great and are great for baking. Our Rouen is super pretty to look at. She is speckled cream and brown with a dark mark across her eyes and a purple/blue slash on her wings. She is the smallest of my duck breeds, but did well through the Texas winter. She is trained to respond to my call, and comes to me when called. She is skittish unless it's dinnertime, then she will allow me to touch her (AFTER I've provided feed or treats). She will feed out of all my kids hands (ages 2-9)
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July 2018
Pros: Cold hardy, pretty, alert, curious, reliable layer, vocal
Cons: Can be loud if that bothers you, stand offish
I have owned Rouens twice now. Both times the Rouens I purchased and raised from a day old had very stand offish personalities. They approach with much caution and often eat when you stand back. Very pretty ducks. Vibrant colours and inquisitive. Another downfall is that both times I have owned Rouens they have attracted wild male mallards to my pond. Who pester my girls. Other breeds have not attracted unwanted male guests. I have owned Harlequins, Cayuga and Black Swedish as well as Muscovy. Very reliable egg layers. They lay pretty blue eggs sometimes. The other Rouen I owned layed white. They lay almost year round.
Pros: They do not fly. They lay eggs daily. Pretty colors! Somewhat calm.
Cons: Like any ducks. They are very messy!!
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Anyone able to tell what gender when they are young. I purchased 2 but its a SR and I don't want to dare try the flip them over and squeeze to determine if boy or girl routine. Never done it, don't plan too, don't want to hurt them. I am thinking I may have a male and female. one is about 1/4 bigger all ready at 6 days old

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