• Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Females- Brown with white underneath chin.
    Males- Brown body, with white underneath chin, Blue beak, Black on head.
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    The Ruddy Duck is native to North America. They came to Europe in the 1940's, however, the birds escaped captivity in Europe, and went on to breed with more Ruddy ducks. The population of Ruddy ducks increased around Europe, Great Britain, and some moved to North America.
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  • Breed Details:
    Average weight: 500 to 600 grams (about 1.1 to 1.3 pounds) Temperament: Ruddy ducks are exotic. They can be kept as pets, but will never be as nice, and friendly as domestic birds. Therefore, their temperament is fine if raised from a duckling. Purpose: Hunting, meat. Egg-laying habits and numbers: Females lay 1 egg per day. Characteristics of meat: Light brown, and oily. Climate tolerance: -15 degrees. In hot weather 120 degrees. Special housing needs: More than 50% of the enclosure needs to be water (They only come out of water if it is about to freeze). Level of raising difficulty: Ruddy ducks are harder to raise than domestic ducks. They aren't a beginner's pet, and require a more difficult setup than most ducks. Parenting: Female ruddy ducks are GREAT parents to their young. They tend to them, and protect them, however they do not feed them (Ducklings have to feed themselves). Male-female ratio: 3:1. Three males per 1 female. Incubation period: 22-27 days Length of breeding season: Spring- Summer. Growth rate: Fast, 7-10 weeks after birth, until adulthood. Loud/quiet: They are generally quiet, they only make noise during mating. Foraging abilities: They are GREAT foragers! Because they live in the water, foraging is their only method of food, so their skills of foraging are great.







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  1. mike1970
    how tame are they

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