Russian Crested

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    Russian Crested chicken. Very rare breed with unique comb styles. Some combs are floppy and others grow horizontally forming a circle with the wattles others are completely different. There is no standard for the comb other than it must be very unique. Birds have a crest on the head. Breed of Russia. Extremely hard to locate breed. Nearly unheard of in the USA. Needs dedicated breeders to keep the breed from going extinct.

    This has been a common Russian breed since ancient times. It is a medium-sized fowl with a small crest and it is found in a wide variety of colors. Cocks weigh in from 2.7 to 3.5 kg and hens from 2.2 to 2.7 kg.

    They lay 180-200 creamy pink eggs per year.
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  1. RussianChickens
    "Awesome Bird"
    Pros - Unique Comb
    Cons - Extremely hard to locate, especially in the USA
    I'm currently in The process of getting my hands on some of these unique birds. When I do I will edit this.
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  1. Sylvester017
    To RussianChickens: I found a couple websites where Pavlovskayas are offered but too cost-prohibitive at $100 per unsexed chick so meanwhile we went with gentle Bredas. Maybe when costs go down when there are more breeders we will look into PAVs again because they are gorgeous birds. I just can't afford to be an experimental breeder to find out what their hardiness and productivity and temperament are like. If you can let us know the temperaments of both the Russians and Pavs your experience will be invaluable to us. From watching Russian videos the Pavs seem a bit skittish and not people friendly. If you have a male and female pair it may not be good to breed brother and sister together because that weakens their immunity/hardiness. Unless your chicks are from two different flocks chances are you have a brother and sister and therefore not a good breeding pair. Sometimes father to daughter breeding is ok but definitely not sibling to sibling. In any event much success to you!
  2. hammytammy
  3. RussianChickens
    Right now I have two young ones. Looks like they may possibly turn out to be a pair. Too soon to tell. If and when they are of breeding age I will hatch chicks and send eggs.

    PM me for info where I found these two. I have 3 but one has problems due to malposition and I don't think he will make it much longer. I'm surprised he's made it this far. The pav chicks are ADORABLE!!!!!
  4. hammytammy
    interested.........bump bump
  5. Sylvester017
    Are Russian Crested Hens the same as, or near relative to, the Posavina Crested Hens? Their crests & combs are similarly unique that I've never seen anything like them in the USA. I always research them as much I can find but not a whole lot of info. They certainly look like big birds from the supply of photos we found. Also, the multiplicity of colors suggests a lot of landrace mixing which is usually a good thing for hardiness. Wonder how hardy the pullets are in hot climates - they look more suited to cold. Would love to know what the temperaments are of the adult hens.

    Regarding Russian breeds: Russian Orloffs sort of disappointed us when we found so many breeders dropping them because of health issues and complaints about iffy productivity - the bantam variety was well reviewed but then we weren't interested in bantams. Bantams tend to be too broody for us to fuss with. As for Pavlovskajas they aren't really a true breed IMO since they were saved by using just 1 fertile Pavlovskaja cock & some other breed of pullets to save the breed. Pavlovskaja are gorgeous birds but IMO not really a true-n-true original but sort of half-reconstituted breed.

    I look forward to reading about your experience w/ this uniquely beautiful breed and for giving us a heads-up on acquiring them.
  6. RussianChickens
    Because they are a breed I very much want for specific reasons like the unique comb style. No I have to wait for spring, its far too cold right now. And yes I have located a potential seller.
  7. cstronks
    Did you end up getting any of these birds?? I see that you have given them 5 stars, so do you have them? If not, why have you rated them at 5 stars?

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