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    All Climates
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    Easy Going
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    Large Fowl
    The Sagitta is a dual purpose bird that is a cross between a Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red and Cornish Cross. They are a heavy, docile breed that will provide large eggs as well as a nice size bird on the table.
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  1. ocap
    "After one year of testing"
    Pros - processed cockerels, excellent
    egg production early and large eggs sooner rather than later
    Roosters fertile under lights in late January
    hatch rate high
    Cons - some frostbite damage to rooster's comb at minus ten degrees F.
    This breed has become my favorite, for dual purpose that is high in both areas as well as calm, excellent free ranging active bird.

    I purchased 50 with a February 15 hatch day and the chicks were healthy with all arriving alive. Now one year later I was able to incubator hatch in February with excellent results.

    I am a person who has been looking for that dual purpose chicken and will look no further.
    Purchase Date:
    February 15, 2017
  2. 5Sons Coop
    "Healthy chicks"
    There a couple days old and very heathy...I will keep you updated.
    12 days old lots of energy very heathy. They are in a small coop now, poor weather I have been struggling to keep them warm but they are doing fine being raised alongside 10 Cornish X.
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  1. writergirl
    I got 3 of these pullets this past spring. The first one ended up being a roo (Little John) and I had to rehome him, but he was super sweet and loved to be petted (condition of having chickens per my parents/landlords was no roos). The other two I that ended up being hen's are Stirfry and Chili. They are pretty friendly though I didn't handle them much as chicks as I didn't want to get too attached incase they ended up being roo's like the first one I had. They lay very well. I'd heard nothing about them when my local feed store suggested that I give them a try. Stirfry is a nice dark red and reminds me of a RIR. She lays a double yolker at least once a week. Chili I haven't caught in the nesting box too much but she lays nice sized eggs as well. So far it is their first winter and I think they are still laying. I have 10 hens total and so it is hard to guess who is laying and who isn't when I get 1-2 eggs a day. I am thinking of adding a few more come spring because in the warmer weather they lay almost every day.
  2. 5Sons Coop
    If you are looking for a great dual purpose bird look no farther. I get almost and egg a day all year. The egg size is just a hair smaller then the huge eggs I get from my production reds, but still a nice XL egg to be proud of. They puck easier than any chicken I've ever plucked and there large size makes it worth doing. The one rooster I kept (10 months old now) is as large as any Cornish cross I have raised. The hens have nice weight too. I have also had great success hatching there eggs. They are not aggressive, very curious, and just a great chicken. My second generation just started laying and I can not say enough about this breed.
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  3. 5Sons Coop
    The indroduction to the coop of 15 other chickens went well. All are very strong energetic birds. The only aggression is an eye to eye strutting standoff that is fun to watch. Great feet and legs good weight., I have nothing bad to say about this breed so far, but they are not laying yet.

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