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    The Sapphire Gem is a sex-linked hybrid created by a breeder in the Czech Republic. It is a hybrid that contains the Dominate Blue gene and is known for being a good layer of large brown eggs. They do best in warmer climates and are close to the Old Andalusians.

    The Dominate Blue gene:
    This gene is the, "Result of crossing synthetic original paternal stock Blue Plymouth Rock with Barred Plymouth Rock maternal stock," ( the resulted chick is sex-linked and can be identified by males having a white head spot and barring, while females have absence of a head spot, no barring, and are darker.
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  1. springvalley123
    "Sapphire Gem Pullets (so far age 6.5 weeks)"
    Pros - Big as day-olds, fairly calm (even as youngsters), fast-growing
    Cons - None
    I bought these pullets in the coldest time of the year so I could get more eggs as soon as possible. Glad these birds are big (as babies) and hardy! They were virtually feathered at 4.5 weeks. At 5 weeks, I started to see the occasional feather dropped, as if they were already starting to molt into their adult plumage! The babies were noticeably bigger than the Amberlinks I bought in the same hatch date, so I'm expecting some big eggs. They seem to be growing quickly also, as of 6.5 weeks.
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  2. HappyDancin'
    "Enjoying my Sapphire Gems"
    Pros - Beautiful birds, friendly personality.
    I have two Sapphire Gem pullets, they have been wonderful so far. As baby chicks, they enjoy attention, and jump up onto my hand/knee to be pet and held.

    I love the look of these chickens - they have such a pretty grey (blue) - with blue legs. Single comb.

    I have yet to get I'll be looking forward to my "big brown eggs" - I may come back and update this soon, once my gals start laying regularly :)
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    $5 each
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  1. Callender Girl
    I reluctantly acquired a pair of Sapphire Blue pullets (always shop by yourself at a feed store), and the 5-week-old girls are lovely. Like my previous brooded babies, Vanna and Petra scream bloody murder when I life them out of the brooder. Unlike my others, they both then delight in perching on my hands and arms like the parakeets my family had when I was a child. They are beautiful and I am hoping they thrive during the cold Iowa winter.
    1. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      They won't have any provlem. They are plymouth rocks. So, they are hardy.
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Sep 24, 2018
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  2. getaclue
    Do they breed true? In other words, when you breed a male and female together, are the chicks sex-links too? OR do you have to mix two colors, or breeds to continue with the sex-link chicks?
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    2. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      For columbian look at this

      For blue sex linked look at this

      For black sex linked look at this
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Sep 13, 2018
    3. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      They are a bit smaller in comparison to the heritage ones.
      But smaller size means smaller appetite and less feed consumed.
      They are also bred for an optimum and an excellent egg production, even through winters and for a very good egg size and long circles of laying.
      Give them the right feed and they will be your best layers.
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Sep 13, 2018
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    4. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      The blue SL lays pinkish/reddish brown eggs. The black SL lays commercial brown eggs. The Columbian lays light creamy tinted brown eggs.

      Sometimes their eggs are speckled.
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Sep 13, 2018
  3. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
    The best of the best, very balanced layers of pinkish brown eggs.
    Bred for being capable of living outdoors.
    Very robust, heavier mature body weight than the commercial red sex links, the eggshell has excellent quality even in an old age.

    I want to be added in the title that the official name of the breed is dominant blue D 107.
    Their link is here:

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