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Sapphire Gem

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    The Sapphire Gem is a sex-linked hybrid created by a breeder in the Czech Republic. It is a hybrid that contains the Dominate Blue gene and is known for being a good layer of large brown eggs. They do best in warmer climates and are close to the Old Andalusians.

    The Dominate Blue gene:
    This gene is the, "Result of crossing synthetic original paternal stock Blue Plymouth Rock with Barred Plymouth Rock maternal stock," (http://dominant-cz.cz) the resulted chick is sex-linked and can be identified by males having a white head spot and barring, while females have absence of a head spot, no barring, and are darker.
  • Sapphire Gem.jpg dominate blue gene rooster D107_hybrid_cock.jpg dominate blue gene chicksD107_chickens.jpg
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Recent User Reviews

  1. HappyDancin'
    "Enjoying my Sapphire Gems"
    Pros - Beautiful birds, friendly personality.
    I have two Sapphire Gem pullets, they have been wonderful so far. As baby chicks, they enjoy attention, and jump up onto my hand/knee to be pet and held.

    I love the look of these chickens - they have such a pretty grey (blue) - with blue legs. Single comb.

    I have yet to get eggs...so I'll be looking forward to my "big brown eggs" - I may come back and update this soon, once my gals start laying regularly :)
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    $5 each
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