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  1. Rural-urbanite
    Pros - Any kind of bird. Any age including one day old. Strong results. Helps a myriad of issues. Extremely inexpensive. Powder=long shelf life.
    Cons - Birds won’t always drink it. It is given in largely diluted quantities, not an ER tool. Is susceptible to waste (due to the per gallon dilution, a lot is tossed out)
    For whatever reason, Sav-A-Chick has delivered the most notable and most consistent therapeutic results in our flock; compared to other similar products.
    Especially for BAKCYARD CHICKEN FLOCKS! Oh my gosh, it’s perfect!
    You can purchase single packets for $1 or less that are measured out for one gallon, and most small flock owners own a one gallon water dispenser. When I was a brand new flock owner, the first bag of powdered electrolytes I ever found was dosed out per 100 gallons! So this product was/is a real life saver!
    We live in the Deep South and I truly believe we would have had either fatalities, or heat related illnesses were it not for the Sav-A-Chick.
    I also use it for baby chicks and poults. Mainly—because why not—why not give them basically a multivitamin as they’re growing. Sav-A-Chick is kind of like...a helper, to the birds AND TO YOU, especially when you are new to raising baby chicks. It’s like added insurance that your flock is going to grow, thrive, etc.
    It is also indicated for stress. It helps the birds deal with the stress of introduction of new birds, molting, temperature extremes, moving, any kind of physical or mental trauma (dogs,hurricane,construction, the raw-back of hens from rooster mounting, etc) and works wonderfully when used during recovery from illness or injury.
    It’s a pick-me-up for the birds to be their best selves.
    It is also indicated for diahrrea, which can become fatal quickly. Whether used alone, or in conjunction with Sav-A-Chick Probiotics, Sav-A-Chick Elelctrolytes combats and replenishes the fluid losses that plain h2o JUST CANT DO.
    In our flock of roughly 20 birds, and living in the southeast of USA, we ALWAYS have Sav-A-Chick in our arsenal, and we ALWAYS have multiple watering stations AND multiple Sav-A-Chick stations in the summer time (where we get 100% humidity and 120°F Heat Indexes—I fear that one day, South Carolina, an agricultural state, will not be able to sustain any real level of agriculture)

    I am a Vet Tech (have not yet taken the NVTE but did attend a strict & multi-accredited program) with unrelated extra credentials in human medicine and wildlife health and habitat.
    I am writing this review for the reasons stated above, and it is a product I use regularly, with sincere enthusiasm and gratitude.

    Thank you for reading.
    Wishing you the best of luck with your awesome chickadees!

    P.s. (The turkeys, once adults, responded better to Poultry Booster. This was not the case for the young turkeys, or for the chickens at any stage of life.)
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  2. Melky
    "Save Your Chick with Sav-a-Chick"
    Pros - Great product. Easy to use. Just add one packet to a gallon of water, stir, and hang your fountain feeder. Cost effective. Very accessible at any chicken supply store.
    Cons - Requires a gallon of water to mix. But make ahead for babies to place in smaller fountain and easy to use for larger flocks.
    I loved this product. I used first 5 days of my chicks life and then weekly till adulthood per hatchery recommendations. It really perked my baby chicks up on arrival from hatchery. My birds did very well on it. I would continue to use in hot summers or times of stress.
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    $2.99 pack of 3
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    May, 2018 and again since
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  3. HoneysuckleHomestead
    "Chicken Gatorade"
    Pros - Easy to find, Affordable, Chicks loved it
    Cons - Comes in 3 packs, 1 gallon a day may be too much
    I bought a 3 pack for my day old chicks' delivery date, so they could have a little boost of extra hydration from the long trip.

    1 pack makes 1 gallon of solution, and the packet says to mix fresh solution daily. That is WAYYY more than my chicks could drink in a day, and even after letting them continue to drink through the gallon for several days, I still ended up pouring some down the drain.

    However, it is convenient having pre-measured packs, and the chicks seemed to love it. It definitely gave them a little boost of energy. I also give them some on extra hot days and it seems to work great to keep them hydrated. I started calling it 'chicken gatorade' because the solution mixes orange, and it looks just like orange gatorade. Might want to label the pitcher... just in case. :p
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  1. RareDuck
    I got mine for about $2. at Southern States.
  2. winteree
    my bad just saw it.
  3. RareDuck
    It does have niacin. Look at the ingredients list.

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