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  1. Melky
    "Save Your Chick with Sav-a-Chick"
    Pros - Great product. Easy to use. Just add one packet to a gallon of water, stir, and hang your fountain feeder. Cost effective. Very accessible at any chicken supply store.
    Cons - Requires a gallon of water to mix. But make ahead for babies to place in smaller fountain and easy to use for larger flocks.
    I loved this product. I used first 5 days of my chicks life and then weekly till adulthood per hatchery recommendations. It really perked my baby chicks up on arrival from hatchery. My birds did very well on it. I would continue to use in hot summers or times of stress.
    Purchase Price:
    $2.99 pack of 3
    Purchase Date:
    May, 2018 and again since
  2. HoneysuckleHomestead
    "Chicken Gatorade"
    Pros - Easy to find, Affordable, Chicks loved it
    Cons - Comes in 3 packs, 1 gallon a day may be too much
    I bought a 3 pack for my day old chicks' delivery date, so they could have a little boost of extra hydration from the long trip.

    1 pack makes 1 gallon of solution, and the packet says to mix fresh solution daily. That is WAYYY more than my chicks could drink in a day, and even after letting them continue to drink through the gallon for several days, I still ended up pouring some down the drain.

    However, it is convenient having pre-measured packs, and the chicks seemed to love it. It definitely gave them a little boost of energy. I also give them some on extra hot days and it seems to work great to keep them hydrated. I started calling it 'chicken gatorade' because the solution mixes orange, and it looks just like orange gatorade. Might want to label the pitcher... just in case. :p
  3. Wyandottes7
    "Helpful electrolytes to have around"
    Pros - Easy to use, easy to find at feed stores, livestock supply stores, etc., does a good job with chicks and adult birds.
    Cons - None that I can think of now
    I use these electrolytes for all of my newly hatched baby chicks. They get this electrolyte water (sometimes mixed with Sav-a-Chick probiotics as well) for at least the first week. I use them to make sure taht the chicks don't get dehydrated and to give them an extra boost in case they are weak.

    Whenever I have sick chickens, I give them some of this as well to help with stress. I'm not sure how much it helps, but it definitely doesn't harm them.
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  1. RareDuck
    I got mine for about $2. at Southern States.
  2. winteree
    my bad just saw it.
  3. RareDuck
    It does have niacin. Look at the ingredients list.

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