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  1. Wyandottes7
    "Helpful electrolytes to have around"
    Pros - Easy to use, easy to find at feed stores, livestock supply stores, etc., does a good job with chicks and adult birds.
    Cons - None that I can think of now
    I use these electrolytes for all of my newly hatched baby chicks. They get this electrolyte water (sometimes mixed with Sav-a-Chick probiotics as well) for at least the first week. I use them to make sure taht the chicks don't get dehydrated and to give them an extra boost in case they are weak.

    Whenever I have sick chickens, I give them some of this as well to help with stress. I'm not sure how much it helps, but it definitely doesn't harm them.
  2. winteree
    "They don't call it save a chick for nothing."
    Pros - has all of the vitamins that causes illnesses from common deficiencys, pre-measured per gallon wateriers, cheap if bought in person
    Cons - hard to find, only comes in packs of 3,, expencive if bought online
    This electrolyte formula helped me bring a rooster back from the brink. I like the fact that this formula is good for ducklings, chicks and poults this is also pre-measured for gallon waterier which i have. I bought this for $4 the electrolytes themselves where only .25 cents but shipping was $3.99. I would have bought more but then i would have had to pay $3.99 for each packet of 3. My only complaint is that my feed store doesn't have it.
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  1. RareDuck
    I got mine for about $2. at Southern States.
  2. winteree
    my bad just saw it.
  3. RareDuck
    It does have niacin. Look at the ingredients list.

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