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Large Fowl
It might seem like such a fine breed as the Sebastopol would've only been genetically engineered by science very recently. However, Sebastopol geese have been around for nearly two hundred years- having originated near the Black Sea in the 1800's. They were bred for their feathers to be used in bedding, pillows, and art. Understandable, considering they have the heaviest feathering of any goose breed.

Derived from the Greylag Goose, Sebastopol Geese used to be much smaller than they are today having weighed around nine pounds in the 1800's. They were crossed with Embden Geese in the 1900's to increase the total weight of the bird.

Originally named Danubian Geese due their popularity around the Danube River, they were officially dubbed "Sebastopol" Geese after being distributed from port Sevastopol in Ukraine.
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Pros: They are great pets and are still a good guard dog (goose).
Cons: The males still turn in breeding season.
They are good geese who will not fly away and make good pets.
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$25 each as gosling.
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Pros: friendly, quirky, tolerant of other fowl, beautiful
Cons: noisy, gets dirty easily
I was TERRIFIED of geese until we got our female Sebastopol, Lucy. She is adorable, gorgeous, and loves people (and other animals!). She loves scratches and will sit on my lap and eat treats from my hands. She doesn't nip, chase, or act territorial - and she greets us every day with hilarious rubber-chicken-esc calls. She lives with several ducks and two chickens and definitely considers herself to be "one of the ducks"; not only does she consider herself their protector, she is always right there with the flock, even offering a little grooming and cuddling. Make sure that you can provide your Sebastopol with plenty of fresh water - their curly, often white feathers tend to stain easily. Keep in mind that these geese can be noisy - they love to sound off with their hilarious calls day and night.

I would recommend this breed to absolutely everyone, especially those who have a mixed flock and need a calm, friendly goose.
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Pros: good-natured, distinctive feathering
Cons: a bit less cold tolerant than other geese breeds
Calm breed. My Sebastopols follow me around.


That is so sad about your loss and poor Pierre. My geese are very bonded so I could just imagine. You may want to get Pierre some friends.
thank you so much for your kind words. I been trying to find sebastopols but is not easy. The place that i got them dont sale them
any more. Keep on looking.
I was looking to get a few geese to keep the weeds down in a orchard we planted this year. I love the look of these geese! Where could I get them in central Michigan?
Do you know of anyone who raises them closer to Michigan? I'm afraid that they might not survive the journey. But I will look into the farm you suggested. THanks
We bought a Sebastopol Gosling and he died the next day! I really want another one, as long as it is solid white, curly breasted, and young so that it has not imprinted on anyone yet.
Yes that's true pipdzipdnreadytogo
It's unfair to give a rating of a goose that you
Have never owned because you think it's ugly
It's like saying that cover of the book
Looks ugly so I give it 1 star
Makes no sense....
question - we just lost our female sebastapol yesterday. we are absolutely heartbroken. I have another young goose - a pomeranian saddleback - that we want a friend for. I would really like another sebastapol, but given this time of year, i think i maybe stuck looking for an egg. I really didn't want to deal with potential mating attitudes (i've had toulese in the past and boy did they get tempermental and PROTECTIVE), so my preference was to get another female. anyone have male sebastapols and how are they around females?

thanks in advance for any feedback - i'm weighing my options.

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