Pros: Goes Broody easily
Great Personality
Quiet crows
Small eggs (Could be a con but they are great for gifts as people are so fascinated about them)
Cons: Bad layers
Gets mites often
Gets worms often too
I have a little gal who is so sweet. She came from a home who didn't pay too close attention to the birds so she was labeled as shy and skittish. As I worked with her I learned how sweet she was and she had a big personality. The roosters are super sweet and I love their colouring. My favourite was a Serama Frizzle who was very pretty. Overall I highly recommend these birds for those who want not many eggs and for a city house!
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Pros: Eat very little
Cons: Not good at evading predators
They are exactly as people say they are. Unique tiny chickens who belong in a cage. I have one Cockerel with no female to be caged with so I am attempting to get him into a free range flock and so far he just sticks close to the coop and more time at the feeder than others his age. He had a few stand offs with other Cockerels and held his own.
Pros: Fantastic temperaments
Lovely appearance
Cons: Bad health
Prone to heart disease
Basically just an aperitif for predators
Occasionally you get one so aggressive that they have to be put down
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Pros: Small size means less food, less mess, less space required plus more cuteness!
Surprisingly plucky birds, not as meek as their size would suggest
Can be very friendly
Cons: Vulnerable to predators, don't mix well with large fowl
My serama pullet is a fantastic bird. Friendly, docile, beautiful, and yet also brave, intelligent and curious. She follows me around and sleeps on my lap, a true pet chicken. Needs extra care and considerations because of her tiny size but the reward is more than worth it.
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Pros: Full of personality, steal your heart when you're not looking. Very good at escaping and foraging for themselves. Seem faster per weight than other chickens. Roosters are so tiny they don't crow loud. Can learn to sit on your finger or hand.
Cons: Doesn't lay very many eggs. Very good at escaping a coop or run
wasn't planning on having seramas, but once I saw them I had to have them! Like a potato chip, you can't stop at just one, or two, or... well chicken math goes viral with these guys. They have supersized personality inverse to their size. They are brave, very fast and seem smarter than other chickens. When one makes a habbit of greeting you every day, it becomes a beloved pet. They are facinating to watch, and come in so many pattern and colors. These guys really should come with a caution label to view at your own risk, they are addicting! The baby chicks are the size of a small hummingbird.They come in pet quality or show quality, depending on your budget and intent.
Pros: Beautiful, GREAT BROODY AND MOTHER, quiet
Cons: Flighty
I have a Buff Serama Bantam, and I love her. She does not love me back, as she was "wild" (raised by people that did not socialize with his chickens AT ALL) for most of her life, though...

She is a fantastic broody and mother, and recently hatched 5 Rosecomb/Serama bantam chicks! I definitely enjoy raising this breed and recommend it to anyone and everyone, whether it means showing it, or just having it as a pet!
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Pros: Very good roosters, not aggressive at all. Good with the hens.
Cons: Bigger risk of predators because of their small size. Flightly.
I have one Serama rooster, he is so protective and not aggressive at all. His name is Luigi, he always lets the hens have the treats that i give him.
Pros: smart, low food consumpsion, genetic marvels, COLORS!!! Friendly and playful.
Cons: low fertility but that can also be a pro.
This is my favorite breed. They behave more like a parrot than a chicken. Trying to figure out the color genetics is a puzzle solvers dream. They don't eat a lot and are pretty easy to care for. Low fertility can also be a shock absorber for chicken math issues.
I really haven't seen a downside with this breed at all.
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Pros: Tame, friendly, funny. They have tough little personalities and remind me of chihuahuas.
Cons: Extremely delicate, prone to many defects. Also often picked on by larger birds. Potentially aggressive to weaker/new birds
Seramas are lovely. They are pretty and have great personalities. I originally purchased 2 unsexed serama chickens along with 2 silkies in the spring, One was a pullet and one was a cockerel. They are sweet, but one of the silkies has always been rather weak. I suppose being the tough little birds they are, decided that the silkie wasn't good enough for the flock. They basically assaulted her and gave her a gaping head wound. Luckily, the wound healed in a week without any complications, and the seramas were sent to chicken jail (a large dog crate) for about 10 days. Once they left chicken jail, they were fine with the silkie.

Everything seemed to be going fine, until I found my serama pullet flipped over on her back in the coop, dying. 20 minutes later, she was gone. After some research I found out that the culprit was sudden death syndrome, which I guess has to do with a problem in their heart? It was so upsetting, because this serama was my favorite chicken. It was then that I realized that as tough as they act, seramas are delicate little birds

Aside from those two incidents, owning seramas has been a joy. I'm hoping to get another two since my pullet died.
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Pros: Sweet, beautiful, personable, smart, little clowns
Cons: Quality birds are pricey, hatching eggs a bit more delicate, you'll want a billion
Getting good looking Serama for breeding is a task and a half since you have to wade through a lot of information and be willing to pay high prices on pairs or chance-y eggs, but if you are looking for a fun and personable bird to work with they are worth it! If you just want a pet quality bird, they can be hard to find locally but they're as inexpensive as anything else. I love the rooster's tiny crows (though they are shrill,) and how all of them march around like they're on a mission to get where they're going. Their bravado is too big for their bodies to comical effect. They are smart and grow easily attached at the hip to their people, even birds raised hands off can become the friendliest in the flock with a little love. Anyone who likes to have chickens just for fun should have a Serama or two!
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Pros: friendly, big hit with everyone!, so many fun colours, smart
Cons: small eggs, good flyers, broody!, chicks need extra care, predator magnets
I must say Seramas are my favorite breed of chicken so far, even surpassing my silkie rooster who's quite the gentle giant! One of my hens craves attention and being picked up, while the other is content perching on low tree branches. They both come when called, and have made excellent mothers.

Hatching these chicks is quite the experience - they imprinted on me at first sight. They learn their names, crave attention, and require extra time and money then the average chicken as they need nice warm brooders, special waterers, and almost powdered chick feed starter because of their size.

Such precious little birds that make such good pets - even roosters. Great inside pets, and great outside, but they need extra supervision from predators. All my chickens come inside my home at night and all return outside at a set time like an alarm, (extra alarm credit to my rooster). During the day they know where the coop is, and where the yard ends. Very easily picked up on my commands! Each of my chickens know simple commands like their name, an emergency alarm, come in and go out of the house in the morning and evening,etc.

Highly recommended to slightly more experienced chicken owners since these are not your typical RIR that adapt to everything!
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Pros: Good egg laying, AWESOME personalities, good fertility, colorful and beautiful.
Cons: Prone to heart problems, most predators can take them out, and some bloodlines have high amounts of chick mortality.
I got my first serama, a little silver hen, in the summer of 2012. She was only my second chicken. Boy oh boy did a steep learning curve await me. I purchased her for twenty dollars from a local 4-her. He was all too happy to give her to me. I named the demure little creature May, and fell into the belief that I had a princess among chickens. Boy was I wrong. She's older now, and has had more brushes with death than Harry Houdini. She's a quirky, crazy, amazing little critter, and I wouldn't trade her for the world. Thanks to her, I've been breeding seramas for three years now. My advice to anyone who wants to breed seramas: plan everything BEFORE you buy. Go to shows. Talk to breeders. Figure out which bloodline works best for you, what incubator you want, whether to keep your seramas indoors or outdoors. The more you plan, the better off you are. And just remember, the only stupid question is the one that you don't ask.

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Pros: very sweet, great with kids and other animals,they have their own great personality .
Cons: i have none
1 of many great tiny chickens..Can't wait to get more and start showing them off.. just a wonderful add to your flock and or a inside pet too.. they are so small that its easy to clean up after them.. the roo's crows make you lol every time..they lov to fly if they have the room to..they prefer small areas like stayn in the coop but they do adjust to free ranging in the yard..Its better if you buy a set of them.. but i lov hatching my chickens.. so they know me very well.. I received 13 eggs. 9 where fertile and 9 hatched.. 5 roo's and 4 ladie's.. i had to give a roo away tho.. had to of 2 days ago my ladie's are now tiny hens..

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Pros: very friendly, and stunning
Cons: non so far
this is my 1st ever breed of chicken and i love them to bits, they are very easy to keep and lay lots of eggs, would recommend this breed to anyone they are super
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Pros: friendly easily tamed very funny to watch with their puffed out chests and straight down wings
Cons: hard to incubate small eggs
I di enjoy watching these daring birds strutting around the yard. they are so sweet and make me laugh at their antics
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Pros: Low Maintenance, aesthetically pleasing
Cons: none
I started with these little birds about 3 years ago and it has been challenging and very rewarding.
Pros: Friendly, lots of personality, easy to house/handle, adorable
Cons: small eggs
I love my Serama. She is the ruler of the roost in my yard. They are the perfect choice for a small urban flock; and while their eggs are small they are fairy consistent layers in my experience.

Very friendly and quirky. One of the best "pet" chickens I've come across.
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Pros: calm, friendly, small
Cons: none!
I had a serama hen that I showed for 3 years (8 shows), and they are perfect for showing because they are small and very lightweight. Mine was very calm and docile also.
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Pros: Sweet, talkative, small, colorful, broody
Cons: Not at all cold hardy,a pain to hatch,
Wonderful little birds, beautiful and sweet. They were a pain to hatch, but worth it. The babies didnt live past 7 weeks, though. All died. It was weird.
Great Broodie's, and very personable little birds! However, they CANNOT STAND the cold. I was lucky I didn't lose any - had a friend lose her best rooster.

Also, make sure you post pics of the birds you're interested in and ask other breeders. I kind of feel like I got screwed over, because a breeder claimed her hen & rooster pair was really good, but other breeders would have no part in using my birds in their breeder program. So def get a few opinions of birds you want. (And this was a well respected breeder, too)
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Pros: So pretty, proud, great mothers and fathers, great layers
Cons: if you dont hand raise they can be very unfriendly
Our rooster Cogburn is BEAUTIFUL he will do anything for his hens. An adorable little crow, and he is a great father. The hens are great layers and get broody constantly. They are great mothers and will even share theyre babies and set together! Don't think twice about getting one of these chickens!
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