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    All Climates
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    Light Brown
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    Friendly, Easily handled, Calm, Bears confinement well, Quiet, Docile
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    White, black, buff, blue, lavender, splash, other colors are being worked on
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    If you like a unique looking chicken, Showgirls may be the breed for you. Showgirls are a recent creation, becoming increasingly popular in the last ten years or so. They are generally the result of crossing Transylvanian Naked Necks / Turkens to Silkies. The Turken is used in the first generation to incorporate the incompletely dominant Naked Neck gene into the breeding program, then for multiple generations continue by crossing the Naked Necked chicks back to Silkies to improve type. The goal is usually a bird that is essentially a Silkie but with a naked neck (and perhaps with bowties and/or beards).

    Like Silkies, the Showgirl hens are very broody and exceptional mothers, and they are often used to hatch the eggs of other breeds. Showgirl females are usually very calm, sweet and gentle birds, they usually make excellent pets, especially for children. Because of their gentle nature Showgirls may not do well in mixed flocks with breeds that have a more aggressive temperament. Their silkied feathers make them vulnerable to extreme cold, especially in wet weather, the feathered feet also require some care. They generally are not very predator aware, do not do well free ranging, and should be kept in a fenced in area. Like Silkies they are usually five toed, dark skinned, and have a walnut comb. They come in many colours, white probably being the most popular.

    Showgirl chick

    Showgirl hen

    Showgirl rooster

    For more information on this breed and their owners' and breeders' experiences with them, see our breed discussion here:
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Miss Lydia
    Such a unique cutie :love
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  2. NoFlyBackFarm
    "Cute Little Freaks"
    Pros - Awesome, good broody, excellent temperament
    Cons - Delicate, not rain resistant
    Beautifle! Easily the prettiest and weirdest bird I’ve seen. Lovely breed and I would buy one!
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  3. Mylied
    "Interesting and Fun"
    Pros - Interesting looking, fluffy, friendly, docile, go broody
    Cons - easy target for predators, not too heat tolerant
    I have a showgirl rooster and a showgirl hen. They have all the good qualities of a silkie. They are sweet and soft. They go broody and make good mothers. They lay every other day or so. They make a good conversation starter. ;-) I love my showgirls and the rooster is friendly too.

    Just like the silkies, they don't tolerate the heat very well. They need shade, cool water, and possibly a fan when it is really hot. I lost two this past summer due to heat. They need lots of protection against predators because they are slow and maybe not so smart.

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  1. Diannastarr
    I loved show girls at first sight...!!! :hugs and cant weight to get some :fl:celebrate:yesss::wee:ya:thumbsup:woot:jumpy:jumpy:jumpy:jumpy:clap
  2. Catfsm
    So adorable! Where did you get them? I have two Silky Roos that I love-- so pretty and sweet. It is fun to have show stoppers to mix in with the usual Rhodies and so on!
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  3. king tail
    they are very cute!!!
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  4. Heme
    I am in Dayton, TN. seeking at least 6 fertile eggs for my incubator.
    If you can advise me as to where I can get a few; I'd be appreciative. Lauren
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  5. fairsing farm
    Hey folks! guess we can officially change that con of not being an accepted breed into the standard :) bearded whites are in! ;)
  6. Donna R
    My show girls run with Americaunas, Buff Orphingtons, Giants, Guineas, Speced Sussex, Gold Lace Cochins (standard) and Royal Palm turkeys and other smaller breeds, Japanese, bantam cochins, silkies. The really area a hardy bird.
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  7. The Mother Hen
    You are right, they are so ugly they are cute! I would get one if I can but sadly all of my hens would probably bully her.
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  8. Aaisha
    ick... i dont like those showgirls. i neeeed some silkies they are so g=cute!! Silkie is a loveely chiiicken acccoring to me.
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  9. Iuvmychix
    They are so weird! I need some. Now! Thanks for posting :)
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  10. fuzzybutt love
    Yes, i believe i said all those things when i first saw them too, lol. And more things that can't be written, but they kinda grow on you! I don't have any but a friend does and after the initial shock i have come to look forward to more pics of these kinds of birds!
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