Side mount/ Horizontal Poultry Nipple Waterer

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    Heritage Acres Market LLC
    Columbus Aqua
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    Horizontal poultry nipple waterers are a must have for chickens, quail, guinea fowl and other poultry. These drip proof waterers keep water sources pristine, and are excellent for winter water. Just add a bucket heater and you'll never have to worry about frozen water again. We recommend one nipple per 2-3 birds. Stop changing dirty water and upgrade to these today!

    Not all nipples are made the same! Recently, a number of Chinese knock offs have hit the market which are poorly made. Columbus Aqua is the ORIGINAL design that all others copied. Be sure you buy the original for the best quality and lifetime guarantee!

    Why buy Columbus Aqua?
    • Satisfaction guaranteed. If they leak, we will replace them!
    • Drip free design
    • Keeps water clean and healthy
    • Won't freeze in winter
    • Allows bucket to be placed on the ground. No hanging necessary!
    • Also used by ferrets, mink and rabbits
    • Heritage Acres Market LLC is the only US distributer of the original, European made nipple
    Available in a variety of quantities, starting at only $6.50 with FREE SHIPPING! BYC members save 10% with promo code: BYC
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Chicken Girl1
    "Great choice"
    Pros - Easy to clean, easy to fill, easy to keep clean, doesn't spill out.
    Cons - None, except I'm paranoid about breaking them......
    I don't know why I didn't get these sooner but they were one of the best decisions I made during my years of chicken keeping (the first best would be getting chicks ;)). Recommended for all chicken keepers!
    ngennetta likes this.
    1. ngennetta
      Thank you for your review! To help settle your nerves- I don't think it is possible to break them! We have used and installed hundreds, with no breaking to date :)

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  1. 24Chickens
    Hi, I was wondering how do you install the nipple waterers?
    1. ngennetta
      Hello! I am sorry for the delay, I was out of town.

      Every pack of nipples comes with installation and training instructions, and installation is easy! Just drill a 11/32" hole in the intended container, and screw in the nippled about 80%. Make sure to drill a small breather hole in the containers lid. And that's it!
      ngennetta, Jun 23, 2017

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