Side mounted, Spring-loaded Chicken/Small Animal Water Drinker - 10 Pack

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  • Watering nipples designed to mount vertically or horizontally!
    Spring-loaded construction guarantees no leaks – even horizontally!
    No more mucky mess in the yard or coop.
    No more dirty water to clean out of old-style waterer.
    Red color to attract curiosity and attention.

    Great for chickens!

    Installs on buckets, pails, PVC pipe, and more...

    Minimum waste of water
    - Built-in cup under the nipple to catch excess water minimizing water waste.

    Stainless steel spring-loaded pin
    - Nipple pin provides easy access for pecking beaks or poking tongues.

    Four wings for mounting
    - Four wings gives secure for mounting on plastic, PVC, and through wire fencing.
    - Drill a 5/16 inch hole in the container or PVC pipe, apply plumber's tape on threads to make water tight and screw in nipple.

    Buy direct from the only authorized U.S. distributor

    - Free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. (excludes Hawaii, Alaska,or US protectorates).

    10 Pack - $18.99 - Free Shipping!
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  1. buttertart
    "Excellent keeps the water clean !!!"
    Pros - clean water, don't have to keep dumping the dirty water and re filling all the time
    Cons - no cons at all
    This product is awesome, so happy to have found them. The water is always clean. The chickens had been raised on the older tray type method of water, which was always dirty with chicken poop and pine shavings clogging it up. I was always having to dump it and clean it out. This way its in a closed bucket no dirt getting in, fill the bucket and just keep an eye on it to refill later. Eliminats the constant filling. The chickens took to it immediately, one of them went over did a few pecks and that was it they were off and running, or I should say off and drinking.
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  2. roddycn1216
    Pros - Keeps water spotless. Chickens took to it quickly. No wasted water. Keeps bedding dry.
    Cons - NONE!
    I got these after reading some reviews on Amazon! I initially bought the vertical ones which leak like CRAZY even with silicone applied around them! My 7 week old hens were accustomed to the vertical nipples so I introduced the horizontal nipples on a cooler day and took away the vertical ones. I went down and checked on them constantly to make sure they knew where there water was... by that time they were thirsty so I stood there and pressed in on the nipple to make water come out and JOILA, they figured it out! I am trying to keep it to a 4 bird per nipple ratio to make sure everyone has plenty of access too! I am also using these for my Dominique's which are just 2 weeks old and they figured it out IMMEDIATELY! When using in a brooder it might be wise to make sure they are a couple of weeks old to make sure they are strong enough to push in the nipple to get water :) If you don't have a 11/32 drill bit... a 3/8 drill will work fine... the BF had to improvise and use a 3/8 but I still haven't had any leaks and it's a nice tight fit! Another thing when you choose these nipples as opposed to the vertical nipples.... if you have the vertical nipples you have to stand and hold up your container as you fill it with water... which is pretty hard for me to stand and fill a 5 gallon bucket for a long time. I also like that I can just set these on a concrete block instead of hanging them because when the chickens are super thirsty and everyone is pecking at a nipple the bucket starts to swing and it's harder for them to drink. HOPE THIS HELPS!!
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  3. Tazbeaux
    Pros - Easy to use, don't drip, installs in a bucket or pvc system, Chickens always have clean poop free water. Daily water changing is a thing of the past.
    Cons - None at all
    After doing lots of online research I settled on purchasing a 10 pack of these nipples. I am so glad that I found these, they work great! I initially installed 3 nipples in a heavy duty 3 gallon bucket with a lid and hung it in my chicken tractor The chickens started drinking from it right away. It is so easy, I just fill the bucket and my 10 chickens have clean water for about a week. My bucket is transparent, so you can see when it needs refilling and the bucket always stays clean. I just set up another pen and used 3 nipples on a pvc pipe attached to the wire with zip ties. A 5 gallon bucket hanging outside the pen supplies the water. I like to travel so having a weeks worth of clean poop/dirt free water is a life saver. It also makes caring for the birds a much easier task for my neighbor that looks after them while I am gone.

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  1. MuddyHillFarm
  2. spurrer
    I bought the ones with the small cups attached and I like them. Haven't used any other kind. I had trouble with leaking and found someone on e-bay selling a kit to use. I think there were five and have a fibre washer to serve as a spacer on thin walls like a 5 gallon bucket. Then on the inside you place an o ring and a nut. No leaking at all. When the hen pecks the little yellow tab in the cup it fills with water and she can take sips with no water getting on the ground. You can find all you need on e-bay.
  3. hooktontravel
    There are a number of places selling them. here's one.

    and so if you just want to search for them, call it 'horizontal poultry nipples' and you should find them.

    This is another kind, and I haven't tried it. looks like more clearance above the nipple. it might be better for larger-beaked or billed poultry?

    My not-quite-2-week-old duckling went right up to the drinker today - first time he's seen it - and had no problem figuring it out. The chickens didn't seem able to push the stem when they were younger, but at 6 or 8 weeks had no trouble at all, and seem to prefer it over the little mason jar waterer.
  4. BirdaMay
    Looked for these on Amazon, but I couldn't find them. Does anyone have a link? Thanks!
  5. LoneOak
    The horizontal nipple waterers can be mounted in the side of a bucket or designed into a complete system using pvc pipe and I guess if you were a plumber by trade and had a bunch of galvanized pipe laying around you could build a system with it. The nipples are not much different from sny of the other devices on the market and have threads that are designed to screw into a hole with 1/8"npt threads. If you put them in a bucket you just drill a 11/16 hole and screw them in. The threads are better than most as they are tapered and that makes it much easier to screw into the plastic. You can drill the same size hole in 1/2" pvc and screw the nipple in or build your system with outlets that have standard 1/8"npt threads, that is what I did.

    I must agree with the poster above and give these nipples 5 stars, they are the best ai have ever seen and I've used most everything avsilsble. When I installed my system I posted a thread about it and included a bunch of pictures to show what it looks like. If you want to read it and learn a little more click here, Brand new Horizontial Nipple Water System for a Really Old Coop. I hope you enjoy it.

    Rich that sells them is real easy to deal with and if you need any more info send me a Pm and I'll try to help you too!
    You asked about a bottle, that would work but most chickens outgrow a bottle in a couple weeks and there is really no need to build something that you will have to replace in just a couple weeks, Go big to start with and you will be much happier.
  6. autumn123
    How do they work? Do you fill a bottle with water and screw these onto the bottle?

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