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  1. GldnValleyHens
    "Silkies are awesome"
    Pros - Adorable, gentle, super funny to watch, friendly, good mothers
    Cons - like most ornamentals, not good layers, get cold easily
    We had a Paint Silkie rooster named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Amadeus for short. We got him for free from a local silkie breeder who had too many roosters. He was an awesome chicken! Everyone loved him and guests were wowed over him. When he ran through the yard skipping and hopping in that hilarious way, we laughed so hard. He was pretty good to his girls, but not very successful at mating with them. I don't know if he ever actually succeeded in fertilizing a hen, but I think he did. He wasn't a protective rooster, but looked after himself first, but over all a Silkie is a chicken worth having.
    Amadeus was killed this March in a storm, and his presence is sorely missed. For some reason he never returned to the coop one night, and I locked things up, making the horrible assumption that he was inside n his special roost. The severe rain and cold killed him we are guessing. [​IMG]But we are getting another silkie, and hopefully another silkie rooster as well.
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  2. CascadiaRiver
    "Not for free ranging, good for cute pets!"
    Pros - friendly, soft, small, colorful, interesting
    Cons - Can broody to death, cannot see up, can get very dirty!
    They make good mothers but they can be so good that sometimes they can forget to eat or drink.... be careful!
  3. Mylied
    "Love them!"
    Pros - fluffy, cute, friendly, small, docile, goes broody
    Cons - easy target for predators, low heat tolerance
    I love my fluffy little silkie. I currently only have one silkie hen, but I have had a few in the past. They are sweet as pie birds, even the roosters I've had. They make good mothers. They lay decently in my opinion. Every other day or so I get an egg. They did take a long laying break in winter.

    The bad side is they need to be provided relief from the heat and I'm in Georgia. They need shade, lots of cool water, and maybe even a fan if you can provide it. They are also not too fast and not too bright, so an easy target for predators unless they are locked up.

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  4. Devw
    "Walking balls of fluff, ideal lawn gnomes and..."
    Pros - Fluffy birds, fun personalities, great brooders, sweet roosters
    Cons - Difficult to upkeep white birds, prone to mites
    When I first got into poultry, I bought a bunch of silkie chicks from a hatchery. They were a delight to have. I currently own some show silkies, white. They have great personalities, each one is different. Some absolutely love to be held and coddled (they will search you out and bug you until you do), and I have had some roosters defend my from my aggressive leghorn and plymoth rock roosters.

    They lay decent sized bantam eggs, and lay frequently...but they go broody so quickly that there isn't much egg production. On the bright side, they are great broody mothers (I use mine to hatch Japanese bantams and wyandottes. )

    Since I show my silkies, I can say that it is somewhat difficult to prep them for a show. Some silkies tend to get dirty butts, and their leg feathers collect all kinds of gross stuff. Their feathers tend to yellow if exposed to sunlight for too long. When at the shows, you need to blow dry the chickens to make them "fluffier".

    It's also important to keep in mind that if you live in an area/having a bad year with mites, silkies are prone to mite infestation. Once silkies have them, it takes forever to get rid of, and truly ruins their feather quality until their next molt. Also note if that beautiful head of feathers gets ripped out/damaged in some way, they very rarely grow back the same way, and won't be as cushion-y and full.

    Overall, this is a fun breed to have (and make great land gnomes, which is what I use my lower quality birds for). It can be a bit challenging to own in terms of maintenance, but they make up for it in other ways.
  5. I Love Layers
    "Hate, Hate, Hate"
    Pros - None
    Cons - Aggressive, kill chicks. noisy, obnoxious, and do not live up to the expectation
    I absolutely hate them!!
    I got them for hatching eggs, never went broody in 2 years.

    I was fine with them not going broody as they turned out smaller then expected. But they lay probably 50 eggs a year each not even. The rooster is aggressive and obnoxious. The hens have killed chicks and constantly make noise and chase the other hens around.

    Never again will I get silkies
  6. LadyVictorian
    "Fantastic Pets"
    Pros - Friendly, cute, big personalities, smart (too smart sometimes), lots of entertainment
    Cons - Bossy, slow to mature, difficult to gender
    I love these little guys even if they can be a tad bit bossy which I am not sure if it is common or just my little group but when it comes to food and treats they get bossy and pushy with each other, other animals,and even people. Not aggressive, just go after all the food. I have had pizza snatched from my hands twice now by one of my puffballs.Their cuteness and sweetness and social dispositions far outweigh that however. They are sweet and curious making them fantastic pets but hard to gender and slow to mature. I'm alright with that since they were bought for pets and as the safe chickens for my little niece who loves them and honestly I love them too. They are so smart and all know their names and for whatever reason have gotten into the habit of picking shavings out of their own water which is pretty interesting. They are little comedians too who enjoy spending their time with their humans.
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  7. sunshine ducky
    "The perfect pet"
    Pros - Calm,affectionate,docile,easily handled,beautiful,make terrific pets and Great mothers
    Cons - None!
    Silkie chickens are one of the most sweetest chickens you"ll ever interact with. They are not "flighty" or "skittish", instead they will give no hesitation whenever being handled by anyone! I have received so many positive comments from many of my friends and family about my silkie chickens. They are MUST HAVE in any chicken flock; I highly recommend you get some especially if your looking for a hen to raise some chicks or as just pets!
  8. chippy99th
    Pros - adorable, friendly, easily tamed, small size, easy to catch
    Cons - protect from weather, hard to sex, broodiness?
    I'm currently several months in to raising my first pair of Silkies. I have so much enthusiasm for this breed, they are just the best. So much fun, so much fluff, so much personality. What more could you want?

    "But they'll get dirty," you say. Um, mine don't. Aside from a little dirt on their feet (which, let's face it, no chicken of any breed is picky about what they step in), they stay remarkably clean. My white Silkie is the color of fresh snow. My buff Silkie shines in the sun like she was poked by King Midas. Which makes sense, because no one can keep their hands off these birds. They are so soft. Like a stuffed animal come to life. Seriously, the cuddle potential of this animal is unlimited.

    "But what if it's a boy?" you say. Yeah, what if? I seriously doubt you're getting a Silkie for eggs, because a) they're bantams, their eggs will be little and b) Silkies are notorious for going broody, which will decrease the number of eggs you get anyway. Be honest with yourself, you want a Silkie because they are cute and fluffy, and Silkie roos are just as fluffy and friendly as Silkie hens.

    "But they can't get wet!" Were you planning to leave your chickens in harsh weather unprotected? No?? Well then keeping Silkies out of the rain should not be an issue. They can get wet, btw, it's just not a good idea to leave them that way. You can blow-dry them. I said blow-dry them.

    Silkies are wonderful. If you want to hatch some eggs, Silkies make great moms. If you want a great pet, Silkies are your go-to chicken. If you want an unusual-looking bird with a great personality...yeah, you get the point. Here's my white Silkie, Sugar:


    And my buff Silkie, Spice:

    And if all that didn't convince you, here's my winning argument:

    Silkies can wear Build-A-Bear clothes.


    I rest my case.
    Purchase Price:
    Purchase Date:
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  9. silkieRaiser
    Pros - fluffy, cute, kids love em',
    Cons - go broody a lot, hard to clean
  10. BlueJuniper
    "Beautiful Bird"
    Pros - Beautiful and soft
    Cons - A bit dim
    I have a Partrige Silkie named Shea, and she has the most beautiful and soft feathers that feel softer then silk, and I absolutely love her 5th toes! But because she is a bit strange looking, the others often pick on her. [​IMG]

    Every morning when I let the chickens out into the yard, she paces back and forth along the perimeter of the coop trying to find a way to get out to be with the others. While she dose this, the door is literally a foot away from her, and she wails loudly as if I locked her in the coop!
    We also have a concrete walkway that raised above the grass, and the chickens walk across it regularly to get to the other side of the yard, and Shea will always trip over it and then squeal. [​IMG]

    Despite the other reviews that silkies are poor layers, my silkie was actually the first of my chickens to start laying, she lays a small tan egg nearly every other day. [​IMG]

    She really isn't the smartest girl in my flock, but we love her, and overall she is a great chicken. [​IMG]

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