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  1. Nikkyrj
    "Silkies are cute"
    Pros - Cute, funny, have a lot of personality, smart as well
    Cons - Have to always keep an eye on them when roaming free so they won’t get attack
    Very dirty
    I have 1 silkie hen & so far she’s the best, she’s super funny & follows me where ever I go, though I have other chickens who try to attack, I’m always with her when I let her out to free roam, they are very sweet as well planning on getting her a new friend, I raised her when she was 3 days old & I enjoyed it, my dogs also love her 268C3C19-DFE9-4007-8106-D4FA5FF237C0.jpeg AAC67549-FA12-4B1D-B7D3-71E9A3FDC2D3.jpeg
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    06/18/2018 4:12pm
  2. Mitchellwhitey
    "They were smelly and did not lay!"
    Pros - They are very cool looking, and fluffy, and fun to play with!
    Cons - They never layed, I had 11 of them and some of them turned out to be roosters and they smelled really bad.
    The chickens are overall funny looking and beautiful chickens. The bad side of owning this breed is that they smell VERY horrible. They don't lay and they didn't grow very big within 7 months.
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    15 usd
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  3. Silkies for life
    "Love this breed!!!"
  4. ronkonkoma
    "A great breed for children"
    Pros - Ornamental
    Easy to pick up
    Dont fly
    Cons - Vitamin Deficiency
    Because they cant fly you have to carefully protect from predators.
    They sometimes get picked on by bigger breeds.
    Hard to sex until many months old.
    20180908_155443.jpg Silkies are a fantastic breed. My daughter loves being able to easily pick them up and put them on her lap. My coop is large but they all snuggle together in a little pile at night. They are not flighty. It may be because they have difficulty seeing. Either way it's been a great breed.
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    I have purchased chicks for as little as 15, to eggs for $100/dozen to adult birds over $100. All depends on the quality
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  5. FishMtFarm
    "Excellent breed provided they are quality"
    Pros - Quiet, easy keepers, friendly, low maintenance
    Cons - Don’t handle extreme temps well, prone to mites
    I breed silkies and have found that better quality birds have that sweet loving personality. Poorly bred birds tend to be flighty and aggressive. My 6 year old niece can handle all my roosters and they make great fathers even to chicks that aren’t theirs. They aren’t a heavy egg layer tho so definately more of a pet and lawn ornament.
    D58C8014-8008-4586-81DF-42CEDDE8C433.jpeg 06F0A7B5-2175-4866-9E8F-4551A7D253E7.jpeg DBB9E003-EC6B-4082-9E9C-11D8CDDD4D68.jpeg
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  6. Alexandra33
    "Not as affectionate as you would expect...."
    Pros - Cute, fluffy, soft, and highly appealing to children.
    Cons - Unfriendly, aggressive.
    So far out of 12 Silkies, I've only ended up with one decently personable individual. Everything I'd ever been told about the breed has turned out to be completely false (in my limited experience, at least), much to my disappointment. Cockerels are human AND hen aggressive as all get out. And, as strange as it may sound, I've received some pretty nasty bites from the fluffy little females. Would never recommend anyone I know get a few to fulfill their desires for loving pets. That said, I'll always have some around for aesthetic purposes. ;)
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  7. NJ_Tara
    "Great Overview!"
    I read this before bringing home my first silkies - great overview of the breed. Thank you!
  8. Bonnie Gruenberg
    "It is like having a Muppet for a pet"
    Pros - Super gentle and calm, talkative and really cute. They dont really need a lot of space. They are great at hatching eggs.
    Cons - They get picked on in a mixed flock. They get messy and matted if not groomed regularly. They are slow, passive and defenseless against predators. Very hard to tell boys from girls until the bird in question crows or lays an egg.
    Silkies are the ideal pet chicken for children. They tend to be very calm, non-aggressive, and vocal. They are also nice ambassador birds for daycare or nursing homes, because they can take a lot of handling without stress. They are not prolific layers except for when they gear up for spring. They can learn to enjoy bathing and blow drying. They do recognize their people and get quite excited when their owners show up. They love people and to be showered with attention. They are easy to hatch and the babies never really go through an awkward dinosaur stage. :)
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    Depends on quality
    Purchase Date:
    first silkies 2017
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  9. HappyDancin'
    "Of course I love my silkies!"
    Pros - Fluffy & adorable. Sweet pets and great mothers. Broody.
    Cons - A bit more upkeep, with the silkie feathers and feathered feet. Broody.
    I love my silkies! This is a great chicken as a pet. They don't "need" as much space, and don't care to be up on a roost. They lay cute little cream colored eggs.

    I specifically fell in love with the breed when my smooth silkie became a mother...WOW! She is SUCH a great mom...I've heard over and over that silkies are the best broodies. It's true! She opened my eyes even further to the complexities of chickens. She is so loving...and it's amazing to watch her teach the babies all the little life-lessons they need to know.

    I have two full silkies, and two silkie mixes. Of course, I love them all. My experiences have shown me that Silkies are personable - they want to be close to their people. Sweet, cuddly and soft.
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  10. EK1955
    Cons - None

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