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  1. Indyshent
    "Pleasant, funny little birds"
    Pros - Adorable, great conversation pieces, children love them and they tend to like kids, typically quiet, easily tamed
    Cons - Don't usually lay many eggs, can be susceptible to cold due to feather type and small size
    I haven't actually met many of the "bantam" Silkies as most of the ones I've had were of the "meat type" which actually does exist, surprisingly enough. Most of my Silkies have been comparable in mass to Leghorns (technically a large fowl at 4 pounds) or even Plymouth Rocks and other dual-purpose breeds. My heaviest rooster right now is probably one of the Silkie guys even though I've got a half-Marans head rooster (probably 7 lbs but he might surprise me if I actually weighed him). All of mine were purchased as "bantams" from various feed stores.

    I've never had a Silkie hen go broody. I'm possibly the only person who's never experienced the famed broodiness of Silkies, but I'm sure my current lone pullet will rear her broody head this spring. However, for now, the Silkie pullet is actually my best layer and gives me one tinted (little darker than cream colored) medium sized egg almost every day. She's a darling, quiet bird who gets picked on by my old-timers and more assertive birds, and this has been typical of all Silkies I've met--regardless of size or gender.

    Crests can impair vision and cause the bird to not notice threats or to become startled easily. Crests also serve as a hotbed for lice, so check them often. My Silkies have all been fastidious groomers and love dustbaths, so I've yet to have any problems with lice on them, but others aren't so lucky.

    Their feathered legs can make treating for mites more difficult, and may cause mud and water to freeze on them and cause frostbite. Try to keep their ground as dry and clean as possible.

    Roosters can be surprisingly gentle with chicks in my experience. All of mine have been dolls with chicks. I've yet to meet a mean one, even though I've heard of a couple out there. All of mine have been at worst skittish creatures who are afraid of being picked on, but they've universally responded very well to gentle handling and treats. Children love meeting Silkies, which are about the most interesting and adorable chicken breed one can find.

    Silkie crosses with normally feathered birds typically yield birds with very soft feathers and dark skin. Polydactyly is often a dominant trait (depends on what causes it) so expect extra toes to crop up in offspring.
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  2. ProbablyDusk
    "A Small Silkie Review"
    Pros - -As a breed overall, they are the most docile by nature.
    -Hens lay at least 100 eggs a year.
    -Are very good in containment.
    -Favorite pet chicken.
    -Are adorable as heck.
    Cons - -The hens go broody often, laying not many eggs as a result.
    -They are a bantam breed, and a small one at that, not providing much meat.
    -Are really only useful as a pet, or as a hen to use when an incubator is not an option.
    Overall, Silkies are a good chicken to have if you hold no incubators, those incubators are busy, or if you need a friendly chicken to enjoy.
    I also give this review to just share some general information for future Silkie farmers.

    The roosters' temperament is very docile, them attacking things have often originated from the normal rooster response to defend the hens, or to check on the flock every now and again.

    They are not very flighty, and their feathers do not trap heat, keep heat out, or shed water. Due to that, they do not do well in extreme climates, both cold or hot.

    I believe that the Silkie hens are of most use if you want to raise other birds for it to take care of. They are VERY broody, often regarded as one of the broodiest breeds of chickens, and are often foster mothers for other eggs from other hens. They are eggselent mothers! The roosters are great too, as they normally do not cause many problems within the flock.
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  3. Chicken lover 123
    "i totally want one"
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  4. Silkie nerd
    "I love this breed!"
    Pros - Very docile,awesome at show,and just adorable!
    Cons - Tend to be at the bottom of the pecking order
    I have two amazing silkies that are so sweet and docile And amazing at show I highly recommend them. They are also extremely easy to take care of.
  5. nzchookhaven
    "Cute Wee Hens"
    Pros - Disregarding their reputation as ornamental, my silkie has consistently laid one small egg a day all through Winter when none of my other layer hens were laying. They are friendly and so cute.
    Cons - Easy to startle. Prone to hawk attacks if their enclosure isn't covered. A wee bit shy of humans.
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  6. BethLouMcCormick
    "Abloutaley Love SILKIES Xx"
    Pros - Good Mummies, They Love A Cuddle, They Looks So Cute, Calm Natured.
    Cons - Cant think of any.
    My slikie hens have all made good little mummies.
    My silkie cockerel is a massive show off & LOVES attention off all my hens.
    I have a red little silkie hen she loves a cuddle and for u to rub the back of her head she lies there and falls asleep lol.
    A great starter chicken if your just getting into them or just a great over all chicken for anyone who likes them, il always have silkies there AMAZING :)Xx
  7. ECSandCCFS
    "Great, friendly pet!"
    Pros - Broody, unique feather structure, friendly, small
    Cons - Not a great egg layer, broody
    We have had a silkie hen for about a month and half now, and I have loved having her. She is pretty easy to catch and hold, and is at the top of the pecking order in her mini flock of three standard size pullets of various breeds. Not laying yet, but hasn't gone broody either.


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  8. PoultreeKing
    "Amazing birds!"
    Pros - Very gentle to each other, almost harmless, very kind, calm, quiet, beautiful, adorable, fluffy, funny, very good mothers.
    Cons - Can be easily bullied by other birds so it's best to raise them alone, not very good for free ranging because they are unaware of predators.
    I had 4 silkie chicks at the age of 4 months, i added to their group 2 silkie at the age of 1 month and they were very kind to them and cuddled with them during the night, they are very loving and peaceful, calm and quiet birds, with a very unique look.
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  9. feather13
    "Cute, but easily bullied"
    Pros - So adorable, soft, friendly, tame
    Cons - Easily bullied by others, very prone to predators if left to free range, even during the day
    Everybody seems to love Silkies because they are so soft and fluffy. We've had five and they've been hard to keep since our other hens tend to bully them. I'd get more only if I could keep them separate or had 5+ bantams. The one we have now has laid maybe two eggs in over ten months.
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  10. GldnValleyHens
    "Silkies are awesome"
    Pros - Adorable, gentle, super funny to watch, friendly, good mothers
    Cons - like most ornamentals, not good layers, get cold easily
    We had a Paint Silkie rooster named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Amadeus for short. We got him for free from a local silkie breeder who had too many roosters. He was an awesome chicken! Everyone loved him and guests were wowed over him. When he ran through the yard skipping and hopping in that hilarious way, we laughed so hard. He was pretty good to his girls, but not very successful at mating with them. I don't know if he ever actually succeeded in fertilizing a hen, but I think he did. He wasn't a protective rooster, but looked after himself first, but over all a Silkie is a chicken worth having.
    Amadeus was killed this March in a storm, and his presence is sorely missed. For some reason he never returned to the coop one night, and I locked things up, making the horrible assumption that he was inside n his special roost. The severe rain and cold killed him we are guessing. [​IMG]But we are getting another silkie, and hopefully another silkie rooster as well.
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