Pros: This is a nice friendly breed with soft downy feathers. I loved my silkie hen's eggs and she was (and still is!) a sweet bird.
Cons: My full-sized hen only layed for 4-5 years compared to my other hens that layed 6-7 years. The full-sized silkie is a commercial meat breed that is not recognized by the American Poultry Association.
I have a sweet full-sized silkie hen who has only ever bought joy to me!
I have heard many people say that they get sick very easily however my silkie hen is a free-range bird who has never gotten sick.
Pros: 1. Very fluffy and fun to cuddle
2. Very friendly and sweet
3. Great winter layers
4. Great danger alarms
5. I have heard from just about every silkie owner around that they are great mothers, but I have not yet had one go broody myself
Cons: 1. They can't fly very well, I once had a cockerel hurt his leg, probably by falling and not being able to catch himself, it wasn't his fault, it's just the way their feathers are (and it doesn't really matter to me, I just thought I'd put that in)
I love my silkies, they are in my top three favorite breeds. Mine are actually very good layers so far, each of my three pullets average about 5 eggs a week, and they are very new layers too! They started in the middle of winter 2019, so I don't know how they do in spring and summer yet.

Mine are very mellow and go-with-the-flow, even though I haven't worked with them much at all.

My silkie roosters give the alarms all the time, even for little songbirds that fly overhead. I have only heard my game bantam rooster give the alarm a couple of times, while my silkies give it several times per hour.

I got silkies to raise chicks for me, though they haven't done it yet because I haven't let them. No broodies yet, but hopefully there will be soon!

I think everybody should get silkies, they are a great breed!
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Pros: Great mothers
Cons: Not good layers.
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Your silkies are so cute!!! I will be a first time silkie mamma next week and i cannot wait!!!
Thank you. They are such good mamas. And my Roo is so good with the babies and protective.
Pros: They are super fuzzy and beautiful, they are good for hatching chickens.
Cons: 1. Perpetually broody.
2. Can they actually see?????
Pros: Friendly to a point
don't eat alot
don't need a lot of space
Cons: extremely prone to illness
i love these birds but they are prone to diseases, i do keep mine in a clean environment though, thankfully mine haven't been super sick yet but i know peoples who have, great pet and amazing mother, wouldn't recommend to a new chicken keeper but if your more experienced with chickens go for it you won't be disappointed.
Pros: Great pet, awesome broodies
Cons: Lacking intelligence, productive abilities, and tolerance in heat or cold.
Pros: Silkies are so so so friendly and love being held!
Cons: They definitely aren't very intelligent
I love these birds so much! They are so sweet and gentle, and are great for kids! I love their cute and fluffy appearance! The only problem is that silkies are dumb and can get into trouble some times...
Pros: Very broody. Courageous if you get the beardless. With the beards they cannot see so it's like another variety.
Cons: Very broody.
Purchase Price
$1.00 a chick at Tractor Supply
Pros: Quiet, cute, dont bother any flock members, silkies will always stick together, cold hardy
Cons: VERY TIMID, not proficient egg layers
They did great for their first winter up in the north, (-35C) in a semi insulated coop, they are quiet and dont cause issues within the flock, people say they are friendly but my two hens and roo are they complete opposite. They never leave eachothers side, they dont ''hangout'' with other breeds of chickens i have.
Purchase Price
10$ per chick
Purchase Date
June 2018
Pros: Good temperament
Easy to handle
Good with cold and heat
Cons: Tend to go broody
Bearded Silkies can tend to have eye issues if you don’t take care of crest fluff
Tend to be bullied by other chickens that may be bigger
I currently have 3 silkies, and plan on getting 5 more in September:) I have had them before and I have always loved the look and personality of them. They are very nice and easygoing, but they can be bullied by others since they are smaller. They do mature a little slower than other chickens as well and don’t lay as much as other breeds. Also the pullets/hens tend to go broody a lot. All the roosters I have that are silkies are my sweetest ones.:)


Pros: Super Fluffy and adorable
Friendly personality (if raised right)
Smaller size so great for kids
They go broody often (Would be good for hatching eggs)
Live a long time
Typically don't mind being help
Cons: Feathers on feet
Eggs are small and they don't lay that many eggs
Wing feathers are hard to keep in shape and are usually damaged
Silkies would make wonderful pets especially if you have kids! They are adorable fluffy chickens and no kid could resist holding them! If you raise them properly with human interaction daily they are very friendly and love attention! If you're wanting a chicken for its look then a silkie would be the way to go! They only lay about 100 eggs annually and there eggs are a bit smaller than the typical egg. They go broody quite often so they can make a messy nesting box and not lay for quite some time. I wouldn't recommend a silkie chicken if you want a laying hen or meat bird. I've had silkies for 5 years now hatching raising and selling some of them. They are fantastic birds for pets but they don't give me enough eggs. There wing feathers (mostly primary and secondary feathers) are almost always a mess and not very pretty even with feather fixer but they are half fur half feather so what can you expect. I do however love the silkie roosters as they are just gorgeous! They make wonderful pets for me!
Pros: Ridiculously cute
Great mom
Good top hen
Propensity to be friendly
Cons: Broody frequently
We've had several of this breed now, and are big fans. Hens are incomparable moms, roos are good at their jobs and friendly. Some of this is due to raising, we know.
Broodiness can be a problem. Crest can impare vision, which is funny and dangerous.
Don't keep this bird for eggs, as others have said. Do keep them for amusement, companionship, incubator/brooder combo... You get the idea!
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Pros: Friendly, soft, interesting, hilarious to watch run across the yard, hard shelled eggs, and even most roosters are calm and manageable.
Cons: Broodiness can take on a life of its own and require management (not allowing access to nest boxes or inside coop during day).
We have had Silkies, both hens, roosters, hatched chicks, and raised chicks purchased from others... We have found the females to be always docile. Even when they are broody toward other birds, they are always docile for being handled by people. We have never had a hen attempt to bite/pull skin even when taking babies out from under her.

The roosters are often very calm, even after maturity. Of 10 Silkie roosters we have raised, only one was the type to jump at your feet or try to use his claws, and he was a farm store purchase, part of our first set of chickens, and small enough he was pretty harmless, even for our seven year old handler. The rest were calm, treated the hens well, kept excellent watch, and remained sweet when caught and held, just like the hens. I have never had a Silkie attempt to bite or pull skin.

The broodiness can be a challenge if you have a lot of birds and hot summers where you might miss that a hen has gone broody inside the hot coop. We have to pull Silkies out and shut the coop up from them when their broodiness is sparked. They also will spark each other to brood, so if you have more than one, you might end up with everyone trying to brood.

The heavily feathered feet mean you need to watch carefully for overgrown toe-nails and leg mites (Silkies seem to be particularly effected by leg mites over standard non-feathered footed chickens).

Eggs are very hard shelled, so cracking them takes skill if you want unbroken yolks. A good layer will produce about every third day in her season.
Purchase Price
$5 each
Purchase Date
Nov 2013
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Pros: They are cute, fluffy, kind, and funny!
Cons: Um, none! They are angels!
Used to have an old silk, she passed away, but never ever have i had or seen a chicken as kind and sweet as she was. She would always go broody and our other chickens never bothered. She wasn't queen bee, but no one cared about her. IF you want an egg layer maybe not this breed, but if you want a clowny beautiful chicken this is it. Ours layed eggs at least 3 times a week but they were little. Took 3 to make one australorp egg:) She was so worth it though! Never could have asked for a better bird. RIP Distance miss you :( If you have young children they are delicate birdies, but if supervised they are great chickens for kiddos to hang out with, because they would rather chill like kings and queens than hang out with peasants(i swore thats what our used to think)
Pros: Silkies are very loving and affectionate birds. They are calm and gentle. Easy to care for. They love to cuddle with you. They are great with autistic children as well.
Cons: The only thing I don’t like about them is that they are incredibly hard to tell what sex they are when they are babies.
They are the best chickens ever. They are so friendly and lovable and they become your best friends when they get to know you and form a bond with you. I love them because they have poofy feathers on top of their heads. It makes them look like a poodle.
Pros: Cute, funny, have a lot of personality, smart as well
Cons: Have to always keep an eye on them when roaming free so they won’t get attack
Very dirty
I have 1 silkie hen & so far she’s the best, she’s super funny & follows me where ever I go, though I have other chickens who try to attack, I’m always with her when I let her out to free roam, they are very sweet as well planning on getting her a new friend, I raised her when she was 3 days old & I enjoyed it, my dogs also love her
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06/18/2018 4:12pm
Pros: They are very cool looking, and fluffy, and fun to play with!
Cons: They never layed, I had 11 of them and some of them turned out to be roosters and they smelled really bad.
The chickens are overall funny looking and beautiful chickens. The bad side of owning this breed is that they smell VERY horrible. They don't lay and they didn't grow very big within 7 months.
Purchase Price
15 usd
Purchase Date
Pros: Ornamental
Easy to pick up
Dont fly
Cons: Vitamin Deficiency
Because they cant fly you have to carefully protect from predators.
They sometimes get picked on by bigger breeds.
Hard to sex until many months old.
View attachment 1629484 Silkies are a fantastic breed. My daughter loves being able to easily pick them up and put them on her lap. My coop is large but they all snuggle together in a little pile at night. They are not flighty. It may be because they have difficulty seeing. Either way it's been a great breed.

I regards to other reviews - yes sometimes dont lay by 7 months, but will. Be patient. If "they" smell it is very possible you are doing something wrong. I have many birds right now and they barely ever smell. It's probably your run that smells. Try pea gravel.

Tip - If you want any breed to be lap chickens you cant ignore them and expect them to love you. Bring treats every day and hand feed.
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Purchase Price
I have purchased chicks for as little as 15, to eggs for $100/dozen to adult birds over $100. All depends on the quality
Pros: Quiet, easy keepers, friendly, low maintenance
Cons: Don’t handle extreme temps well, prone to mites
I breed silkies and have found that better quality birds have that sweet loving personality. Poorly bred birds tend to be flighty and aggressive. My 6 year old niece can handle all my roosters and they make great fathers even to chicks that aren’t theirs. They aren’t a heavy egg layer tho so definately more of a pet and lawn ornament.
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