Pros: Calm, friendly
Cons: Dirty feet, feathers. Long maturation period.
Love these little fur balls. Easy to handle and raise. Just a wonderful bird for kids and adults who enjoy the birds but don't need the eggs for food.

4 out of 5 stars only because they take so long to mature and start reproducing.
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Pros: Mine are calm, docile, and like to be pet and held
Cons: Wouldn't be too useful for a layer since their eggs are small
I have black, splash and white silkies. They all have similar temperaments, in that they are calm and docile. Very sweet birds, and they are easy to get attached to them as pets. So far, mine are doing well in our temperatures of very hot summers to cold winters with snow. However, in the summer, I did set up a water mister system in their pen and made sure they had plenty of shade.

They did learn to use the ramp up to the coop, and can flap their wings enough to get themselves up to the bottom rung on my ladder style roost. The lowest rung, by the way is only about 4 inches off the floor. I've never seen them go higher than that on the roost, even though the ladder is very easy to navigate for the other birds. They also tend to sleep in a pile on the floor at night if they decide against the roost. I don't know if this is a Silkie thing, but I have two white silkies that are the "peace keepers" of the flock. If another bird (like a barred rock) is picking on another bird-- the Silkies go flying into action with feet out and chase down the birds that are not being nice. I've noticed they keep everyone in line and continue to stay on top of their job every day. Perhaps I'm lucky, or maybe this is a trait?

Below is a picture of my 9 month old Splash cockerel. One more thing to mention-- they LOVE to crow! All the time. They are not quiet about it. :)
Pros: Friendly, good mothers, pretty!
Cons: Not the best layers
When anyone thinks of a broody, they think of a Silkie. 5 stars for mothering ability. 2 stars for laying ability since they all seem to want to mother something, at least the ones I have had. The roosters are sweet and calm, cute as can be.

They are predator bait, being small and usually having obstructed vision from the hairstyle. They cannot fly either, with the consistency of their feathers.

To the untrained eye, it can take awhile to tell gender on babies with their unique look, and with their size it can be dangerous to vent sex them. If you can't have a rooster, it's best to buy these when gender is for sure known, from someone you trust.

Great pets and even better mothers.
wonderful, loving chickens that bring unlimited joy to your life!
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Pros: lovely breed
i love this breed and cant wait to show them at poultry shows this spring
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