Single Outlet 10 Litre Cup Drinker

  • Single Outlet Lubing Cup Drinker Assembly - Complete with 10 Litre Water Drum

    Once deployed, this system is virtually hands-free - the only need is to refill the water container with fresh water as the levels decrease.


    Top Quality PVC Pipe Fittings - Australian made. This assembly is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

    High Quality German made Cup - These genuine 'Lubing' Cups are the best money can buy.

    Not threaded poly fittings - Threaded fittings can leak. We only use high quality PVC and guarantee our assembly forever!

    Thread Tapped end Cap - Why? Cups can be easily replaced.

    Drum is Pre drilled - Ready to assemble, no further modification required

    Thread tape applied - We apply the thread tape so that all you need to do is screw this fitting in.

    Liquid thread sealant - Before we screw in the cup, we apply a liquid thread sealant.
    10 Litre Black Drum supplied

    I have been using this waterer for a few of months now and it has performed as described. They make a quality product although shipping is a little pricey from Australia. They have an Ebay store with feeders and waterers or you can just buy the cups.
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