• Breed Purpose:
    egg laying
    Climate Tolerance:
    cold hardy
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Breed Temperament:
    gentle, calm
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Hens are gray and white with a red breast
    Breed Size:
    Smaalands are another one of Silverudd's auto-sexing breeds. Their coloration is similar to the Cream Legbar although Smaaland's have no crest and their comb is small. They are notable among Silverudd's auto-sexing breeds because they have a tendency toward broodiness.

    From the Greenfire Farms website:
    "Smaaland is a province in southern Sweden, and it gave its name to a little-known auto-sexing breed created a half century ago by Sweden’s poultry savant, Martin Silverudd. Smaalands are a medium-sized breed derived from Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, and New Hampshires.

    Smaalands are both reliably auto-sexing and prolific layers, producing a large volume of medium-size tinted eggs. The hens sport a red breast that beautifully contrasts with the complex palette of grays and whites that cover most of their bodies. Unlike many of Silverudd’s breeds, if allowed to sit on eggs Smaaland hens will often go broody and hatch and raise their own chicks.

    Greenfire Farms is the only importer of Smaalands into the United States. This quiet and cold hardy breed is an excellent choice for the backyard chicken keeper and one that’s sure to find its enthusiasts in its newly-adopted country. "
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  1. SnowKnitty
    I wanted a future chick warden to raise chicks from other breeds that don't go broody so I got a couple of Smaalands. Mine just started laying and they continue to lay pretty well despite the short daylight hours of winter. The eggs are medium in size and what I can only describe as a lovely bisque color. The hens are quiet except when food is being delivered and they have a calm, friendly demeanor. They don't pick on other hens nor do the get picked upon. They are a really good, trouble-free addition to my flock.
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