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I bought this item on eBay for $11.89. It is actually better than I had hoped. My girls have just started laying eggs and most of the eggs I get are small, some are medium, and a few are large. This egg skelter even works with my small eggs - they don't fall through the wire, which was my main concern about getting an egg skelter. Even my wife likes this egg rack. There you go, a 5 star rating in my book.

Southern Homewares presents a most eggcellent way to hold and store eggs, the Egg Skelter! Made of sturdy powder coated steel, this sleek and modern space saving design fits virtually any size egg (medium, large, extra large, etc.). The Egg Skelter can hold up to 24 eggs (capacity varies based on the size of your eggs) and makes a perfect addition to any kitchen. Remember to always take eggs from the bottom and it will ensure the oldest eggs get used first! Color is silver. Egg trough is 1.90" in width. Overall dimensions are 7.50" x 7.50" x 10.63
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Pros: Holds 24 eggs, small, medium, large, XL. Easy to clean. Oldest egg is on the bottom to be used first. Great price. Looks very stylish. Tower does not tip, very stable.
Cons: If you have a big backload of eggs, this is limited to 24 eggs.
I ordered this egg skelter because it looks cool, holds 24 eggs, and the oldest egg is always on the bottom to be used first - you add new eggs to the top of the spiral rack. It takes up less counter space than a couple of egg cartons would. It displays the eggs in a very attractive manner. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my small eggs work just fine on this model. I have seen YouTube videos of other egg skelters where small eggs would fall through the wire. My small chicken eggs work fine in this rack. My wife loves this egg skelter so it's a keeper.

I ordered this egg skelter on eBay for $11.89. It was shipped within the U.S.A. and took less than a week to arrive. There are other egg skelters available at a slightly lower price on eBay, but they ship from China and can take a month or longer to arrive. I seldom write a product review, but if someone is considering an egg skelter, this was a good buy for me.
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This is such a unique idea that I've never seen before! The review is well written and makes you want to buy this product.
Great job! :clap
Glad to hear it! I have in my amazon "saved for later" list. Moving it up to the shopping cart now. :)
that would be great with Easter eggers and olive eggers
Yes, having all those colored eggs on display was one of the main reasons I got this egg skelter. The other reason, of course, is that you always take the oldest egg off the bottom and put the newest eggs at the end of the line.

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