Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens: 3rd Edition

Pros: Colored Pics, Easy to Understand, Covers vast array of topics
Cons: none
I'm a relatively new chicken owner (mine are a month from being 1 year old). I wanted a good reference book shortly after I got my chicks. I purchased this from Amazon as a used paperback book. It's one of my best go to reference books. I have other Storey's books on other topics (e.g. gardening) and have enjoyed them all. The colored pics are much better than just illustrations. Makes good reference book.
I purchased this book after seeing it in Barnes & Noble and I absolutely love this book! It’s written and illustrated amazingly, it covers all aspects of chicken keeping! I am so happy I purchased it and well worth the money.
Received this a couple of years ago as a gift ! Read it cover to cover & keep it for reference , I am getting a little forgetful lol !!
love the book !!
Pros: Goes into detail on breeds, predators, and protection, egglaying, raising chicks, and even chicken talk.
Cons: No cons.
This book helped me learn a lot about egg laying. I got it from the library when they started laying, just for fun, and it turned out that it was really good that I read it! I learned a lot about predator protection, egglaying, breeds, feathering, chicken talk, coop building, and diseases! I highly recommend this to anybody who has a lot of questions, and needs them quick!
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Pros: Quite thorough. Enough information for people who want to raise chickens for charming pets, or for eggs or meat birds. Full spectrum information: everything from life cycle to making a coop to first aid and pretty much anything else you need.
Cons: I can't think of any cons
I received this book as a gift prior to getting chickens, and read almost all of it before we bought our first chicks. It really helped me decide which breeds to get, and prepared me for a lot of the nerve-wracking parts of growing up. I have loaned it out to other people who were thinking of raising chickens--it really helps put all the necessary tools and time into perspective. It gets an A+ from me, and I can't imagine having raised chicks without them.
Pros: Very instructive, well written, overall a great guide to chickens
Cons: None
I read this book before I got chickens and it was very helpful in preparing me and as a resource. I frequently refer to it when I have a problem and am very glad to have found this book.
Pros: very helpful
i bought this book last year and it is AMAZING!!!!! I love it. it has everything you want to know. to hatching chickens to butchering them, their health, feed, and fencing.
Pros: it show every thing u need to know
Cons: none!
this is the best book u can get. i have had chickens for years and i am still learning things from this book! i love this book!
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Pros: Extremely informative & covers all the basics of chicken keeping!
Cons: None!
I love this book & recommend it to every single chicken keeper.It has been so helpful & covers so many aspects of chicken keeping.Please get this & read cover to cover! It will answer all the basic questions!
Pros: Covers most everything you need to know about chicken raising
Cons: Not many pictures, lots of info to take in
I got this book for a present. It is a wonderful book!! Just a little... overwhelming I guess you could say. It has TONS of info and may make some newbies feel overwhelmed. But it covers most things you need to know. Also if you are wanting pictures of many things or step by step guide with pictures then this is not the book for you.
Pros: Lots of info & well layed out.
Cons: None
I got this book about a year ago. This book made me want to get chickens.
Pros: Everything you would need to know about raising chickens.
Cons: NONE whatsoever.
Gail Damerow is the chicken expert, she tells you everything you need to know about raising chickens like choosing a breed, building a coop, chicken behavior, incubating and hatching chicks, raising chicks, management, breeder flocks, healthcare, showing, butchering and SO MUCH MORE. This book is a must-have for people just starting to raise chickens and for people who just want to know more about their flock.
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Pros: Easy to read
Cons: Not as detailed as expected.
After checking out the 3rd edition of Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry from the library, I was very excited to get this book. Needless to say I was a little disappointed. The book is very informative and covers most topics very well. However I think some areas could be a little more in depth. I especially wanted to learn how to vent sex a chick. There is only a quick blurb about it and the procedure is not discussed at all. Also the poultry book describes and has illustrations on how to caponize, again this book only has a quick blurb and does not describe the procedure at all. Over all I am very satisfied with the book and would purchase it again, and I would recommend it to others. I am going to buy the guide to raising poultry as well.
Pros: Informative and great reference book
Of the dozen or so books i have purchased on chickens, this is the only one I go back to over and over again! Very informational with lots of great references for further information as needed. Good for beginners or those more experienced.
Pros: The best for beginner, comprehensive, easy to understand
Cons: could be more detailed about breeds listed
This book is a must for every poultry person.
Pros: Comprehensive introduction
Cons: More colour plates wanted
Thank goodness for a reference guide like this when i need to put my feet up.
Storey's guides are a wonderful, comprehensive series.
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Pros: Goes beyond Beginner
This is one of the best books, because it has a lot more information that the beginner books.
Pros: Detailed, wide range of topics, cool projects...
Cons: no breed profiles
I love this book! It has tons of details. I made a chicken saddle using the instructions in the book, and it worked great! It is easy to understand but also packed with information! I do wish it had breed profiles though. All in all, a must have!
Pros: Informitive, and lot's of illistrations.
Cons: Some parts get way over some people's heads.
It is a nice hardback book.I got it from the library and it looks like new.
Just purchased this book after reading other reviews on BYC and i love it! it has so much information and lots of things that i never knew about chickens. its a must have!!
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Pros: Complete, Accurate, Informative, Comprehensive
Cons: None
Simply put, this is the best all around book on chickens available. I have given it as gifts to new poultrykeepers, and have greatly reduced the number of questions I have fielded as a result.

Don't hesitate and simply buy it.
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