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strombergs zip tie leg bands

Average User Rating:
  • colored & numbered zip ties for ID of your birds. One size fits all.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. boskelli1571
    "the idea is good, but the numbers rub off."
    Pros - simple to apply, cheap
    Cons - numbers rub off
    I have had these bands on my birds for less than 3 months and the numbers have rubbed off! I now have a bunch of birds with pretty bracelets but can't identify them! The bands are sturdy and won't come off unless cut, so they are durable. They are also fairly inexpensive and you don't have to fuss around with sizing the birds' leg.
    If the numbering process could be more durable, I would likely buy again.
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  1. chattery41
    Oh nuts ! I just bought 500 of these ! Guess i better change them often. Thanks for the heads up.

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