Super Blue Egg Layer

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    Egg Layer
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    White w/ black specks
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    Large Fowl
    These start out as yellow chicks and they grow into white hens with black flecks. They typically start laying at the early age of 24 weeks. These hens lay HUGE blue eggs, five to six times per week.
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  1. dekel18042
    "Lots of potetial"
    Pros - a variety, not a breed
    Cons - price
    I wrote a comment but now that my pullets are laying I'm writing a fuller review. Initially I was intrigued by these birds but put off by the price. At the time I believe it was around $21.00 for a day old pullet plus shipping, but the more I read I came to the conclusion it was something I could do myself at a fraction of the cost and perhaps do even better than the hatchery stock.
    The formula is simply a blue egg layer bred to a production white layer. The word super I am lead to believe refers to the number of eggs a hen will lay. Many of the pullets and even cockerels are white with flecking because one parent is probably a white leghorn.
    I used an Ameraucana rooster over barred mothers so the progeny were sex linked and I got seven pullets from ten eggs. The girls are all black, half have muffs and would fit the description of Easter eggers, which having an Ameraucana father they could be called this.
    It did take them 7.5 months to start laying although their mothers all started laying at 6 months but probably the time of year had something to do with this. Half are laying now and the others look like they could start anytime.
    Because they are pullets their eggs are still small (Their mothers' eggs were small at this stage and gradually increased to extra large.) but they are all a beautiful pale robin's egg blue. I do have one EE who lays a lovely blue egg but the rest their eggs are more of a greenish blue so I am very happy with the color.
    Talking with other people who have raised their own, you will get a better shade of blue if the parent carrying the blue egg gene actually lays blue eggs as opposed to green or if the rooster, if he is from a line that lays blue eggs.
    Because there are different breeds that can go into making this variety the temperaments, coloration and size of the birds can vary although mine are friendly as were the few roosters I gave away.
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  2. TurkenMomma
    "Pretty but flighty"
    Pros - Egg color (yet to start laying for me)
    Cons - Flighty and aggresive
    I hatched one of these out from My Pet Chicken. She is now 8 weeks old. No muffs like the pullet appears to have in the picture on their website. She is really aggressive toward my other chickens and really skittish of humans. A very pretty bird, however, all white with a black speck here and there. I'm anxious to see those blue eggs! I'm hoping to keep her but not if she's going to peck my Silkies to death. UPDATE: My SBEL is definitely a rooster. He is aggressive and flightly as all get out. Crows at all moments of the day. Would I hatch these out again? No. I have Orpington roos more docile.
  3. Jewellan
    "I purchased these as hatching eggs, they did..."
    Pros - Seem like calm chicks not very noisy as chicks go, Very cute babies
    Cons - Very expensive eggs for such a horrible hatch rate. Only 4 out of 12 hatched. Would not purchase these again.
    I will update the review when I get more info on this "Designer Breed" These were marked as the SBEL. When I asked MY Pet Chicken about these chickens not matching the picture or the description listed for the Chicks, they told me that they do not always use a picture of the accurate chick on their web sight. However the sight clearly says and I quote "Super Blue Egg Layer – These start out as yellow chicks and they grow into white hens with black flecks. They typically start laying at the early age of 24 weeks. These hens lay HUGE blue eggs, five to six times per week." Clearly the two chickens pictured below are not white. When I pointed this out to them they seemed to not be able to comprehend what I as talking about. The description for their SCEL says this: Super Chocolate Egg Layer – "Another super-secret recipe from the minds at My Pet Chicken! The Super Chocolate Egg Layers are great producers of large chocolate eggs, and will produce five to six eggs per week. These birds will do well in both hot and cold climates, are friendly, hardy, and beautiful to look at! Almost all will be white with black flecks. Some will have blue flecks, and some will be barnyard colored. (Fun!)" I had yellow chicks with black spots hatch from the eggs that I received that were marked SCEL. So I am still somewhat confused. However a friend of mine just hatched out some SCEL and they hatched out yellow as well. So I can only assume that the blue one below and the black one that looks like a Black Copper Marans are truly SBEL. They are five months old in a week (5-08-16) and close to laying, then I will know for sure. But this is really annoying. And My Pet Chicken does not seem to be concerned that they are using false photos to advertise their chickens.



    They came out of these eggs


    And here they are as chicks


    The hen in the top picture does lay very light blue eggs. They are so light that you can barely call them blue. Also they are not Super in any way. They are medium sized at best. The hen in the second picture was clearly mislabeled when shipped out to me. She lays brown eggs. we not happy with the results compared to the description that was given on the sight.

    I consider it false advertising that they put pictures of hens that are not what the hens look like when they hatch. I do not know why they do that and their explanation is grossly inadequate. These hatching eggs were expensive and when you shop for hatching eggs you assume that the picture that is included with the hatching eggs is a representation of what the hen will look like when they are grown. This is NOT the case with the hatching eggs at My Pet Chicken. To say that the hens are "A super secret recipe" is just not good enough. Also these Chickens are strange. Their instincts seem to be off, they are flighty and very broody.
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  1. Little Eden Farm
    I crossed my Cream Legbar roo with my White Leghorn girls. Kept six pullets. They are just starting to investigate the nest boxes. We have found a few fairy eggs but were faintly Lt. blue might be theirs. They are all white with tiny flecks of black and are all crested. Flighty as a wild bird. Free ranged. Last to come when called for feeding. Last to go in coop at night. As long as they do what their supposed and I can catch them for maintenance I just let them be. Now if they start flying into the garden they may get a new address.
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  2. Trefoil
  3. dekel18042
    Which is why it is so easy to make your own inexpensively or if you have friends with the right mix have them make them. The only reason the hatcheries are getting those outrageous prices is because they try to keep the simple formula used "super secret." The same thing happened with olive eggers and people figured it out. While some hatcheries are still charging pretty much for them they are easy to make. At one point this spring I had my incubator filled with eggs that would become Ameraucanas, Easter eggers, olive eggers and SBEL's. Much less expensive than purchasing them.
  4. Garjzla
    The price for them is insane, I think. I would never pay that much for a chicken unless it was some special almost extinct breed.

    Good review!
  5. N F C
    Very helpful review, thanks!
  6. dekel18042
    I wanted to add, people seem to be giving a poor rating to their purchased SBEL's or eggs, but if I were to rate my own would give them five stars at this point. They were easy to hatch and raise, hardy, could sex them early. They're on the smaller size, maybe the size of a leghorn, not skittish, but wary when free ranging, good foragers and eat little. They are decent fliers so if you were trying to keep them in a yard or enclosed area you might either need a cover or to clip their wings.
  7. dekel18042
    I have what dhetzel suggested on the ground. Will be six months old the 7th of November. I wanted some SBEl's from MPC but the price was prohibitive. I figured out they were using a formula to breed them so I figured it out and bred my own the same way I made my own olive eggers when they were selling for over tendollars for a sexed day old pullet.
    I am guessing they are using mostly white leghorns for half the parentage which is why many are white flecked with black and the other half is cream legbar (Being a commercial breed in Great Britain they might lay better than an Ameraucana, but perhaps not. It can also be why they are somewhat flighty as leghorns usually are. Again guessing, after studing as many pictures as I could, the ones with muffs probably have an Ameraucana or perhaps Easter egger parent while those without could have the same parentage or cream legbar.
    I made sex links, the pullets are beautiful black birds, half are muffed, and they are not flighty at all. I'm seeing comb color changes and hope they will be laying soon as their mothers all started laying at six months. It will be interesting to see what the eggs are like.
    I didn't keep any of the cockerels but they were on the smaller side but very friendly. I still have the parents so depending on what and how many the pullets lay I might repeat the breeding for next year or substitute a different rooster just to see what results I get.
  8. meltel
    I bought my SBEL from MPC as chicks. They are pure white and I got the 2 hens and one cockerel as ordered. They are too young to start laying yet but seem to be developing faster than my other chicks-no muffs yet. They are not overly friendly like some of my other breeds but curious and not overly skittish. I have always done well with MPC's customer service-the even helped me with a very bad batch of chicks i got from another hatchery. I am going to do a hybrid as well for an olive egger-using a BCM and a cream legbar-will see what I get!
  9. Shezadandy
    Jewellan - wondering what your "SBEL" chickens wound up laying- the chicks we got (didn't hatch, went with chicks, shipped 4/4) mostly matched the description but no muffs- white with black flecks- tiny little pullets- 2.5lbs at 18 weeks old. The SBEL cockerel we got looks like an Ameraucana, beard, muffs, dark grey with some black feathers.
  10. jlholm

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