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The Sussex is a dual purpose breed that originated in England around the time of the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43, making them one of the oldest known breeds. Today they are a popular breed for show exhibitions as well as a garden breed.

The Sussex is an alert, docile breed that can adapt to any surroundings. They are comfortable in both free range or confined spaces and in the presence of humans, although they will mate and breed better in larger spaces. The breed frequently goes broody in the warmer months. They are good foragers and are generally vigorous and hardy as a garden fowl.

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Latest reviews

Pros: Smart, camoflauged, good forager, freindly, consistent layer.
Cons: Smart + camouflaged
In the summer of 2018 the first speckled Sussex chick iv'e ever had arrived from Meyer hatchery.
I had wanted one since 2016 when I saw one on a youtube hencam.
I fell immediately in love with the though of a big speckled girl in my flock.
Anyway, Ethel"thats what I named her arrived in July as a day old chick and the second I popped that box open iv'e had a chicken child.
She's so nosy! Wanting to be everywhere I am and what im doing at all times.
She's clingy, she's on me so much she's a fashion accessory at this point.
She's jealous, yeah im serious Ethel wants all the attention nobody gets in the Ethel zone.
She's smart, she fakes illness and injury to get treats.
Nature gifts these birds physically as well, their coloration blends into a forest floor amazingly.
They seem to forage on nearly anything, Ethel seems to be fond of moss which is something iv'e not seen the other breeds eat.
Ethel lays pretty much every day, her eggs are a light tan and unusually round but im pretty sure that is an individual quirk.
Im extremely happy with her, but I didn't exactly get a big speckled girl.
Ethel is very small even nearing her 2nd birthday, im guessing due to being a hatchery kid.
She's a compact sized speckled Sussex, she's unique.:)
Purchase Price
7 dollars, a steal
Purchase Date
July 2018


Pros: Friendly, good layers, beautiful, cold hardy
Cons: None
One of my favorite breeds! They are very friendly towards humans and other chickens, and the Speckled Sussex are beautiful birds. They are good layers and cold hardy. I would highly recommend this breed!
Pros: Good layers, very friendly, Handle the cold well, funny to watch
Cons: Very big, a bit noisy
My Sussex chickens are the same 4 I have had for 3 years. They love going out for runs and are very comical sometimes. They will allow you to pet them and get to know you after some time. Mine sometimes fall asleep in my arms. We get eggs everyday for around 3 years so far, excluding moulting season and some of winter time.

A funny incident I experienced that show how fun they are was when Our small dog jumped up at the side of the cage and endedup getting a peck in the nose.

They have little cons, most of which I don’t mind at all. They get very big, so I needed to extend upon the original chicken house. Sometimes they like to announce to the neighbourhood that they have laid an egg or that they want to be let out for a run, and have a passion for singing loudly in the mornings.9



aren't they great? Beautiful, hardy, friendly, not aggressive but not pushovers, good layers... I could go on.. and on... and on. Mine was even grabbed by the bob cat, but my dad saved her. She is fine except she now barely tolerates being picked up, and I don't blame her. She still comes over and stands near my feet and accepts treat, though. I love her!
Oh and the picture above does NOT do any justice to the breed. When they're young they look like little sparrows, but as they get their full adult feathers the speckling comes out. It is supposed to get "specklier" with each molt.
i have 5. 3 have white around their head. The other 2 are dark colored. The one I suspect is a rooster. I've never seen this breed before actually getting them from TSC. I like them so far.
I was only going to get one speckled sussex in our first mixed flock - but I now will be getting at least two! Thanks for the review :)
Oh and I will add that I had originally ordered two in my mixed flock. Well one of mine ended up being a roo. We kept him until he was around 20 weeks old or so (then he went to a friend's farm) and he was very sweet and good natured as well. And if you think the hens are pretty, he was gorgeous!
My speckled sussex is still a chick. When we 1st got her at 4 days old, she was a tiny bit bigger than the other 2 chicks (a cucoomaran and a welsummer, i spelled those wrong) and within a week she had grown so big and had so many feathers she seemed to be about 3 or 4 weeks old while the others still were all fuzzy. Now the other chicks have caught up to her at about 3 weeks and she is the perfect chick with beautiful white chest feathers and a sweet and loving and curious personality!
we love them 2 she allways lays an egg and talks to me all the time! shes bossy with the others but not nastey and she loves her cuddles and food, she just pips the post on the chocolate/black marans as they are calm and sweet n gentle,but for carachter she wins!
I have 2 hens and 3 accidental roos. I got mine from TSC. I nver heard of them before so I bought them to try for my first backyard chicken adventure. They are nice chickens. The hens are bossy with the other hens like the other posters said. None lay eggs yet. they are all friendly, but I do stay on guard around the roos just in case.
Mine is a talker! She will come right up to me also. She just started laying, and is laying often, but those eggs are pretty small. They seem to be getting a bit larger. What a beauty she is!
I have two hens and they are both talkers. One is louder than the other. They are both nice. I'd buy more. They both lay nice eggs.
Delightful write-up! I've got one SS coming with a few other chicks in two weeks. I'm trying a few different breeds hoping for a broody, but the more I read about speckled Sussexes, the more excited I get waiting for this girl's arrival!
I also noticed the sussex getting picked on. I thought perhaps they were targeted because they are a bit smaller than our other birds. But perhaps that's not a valid reason either, because my sussex roo is quite large and he has no tail feathers because of the hens picking at him. I now have about seven sussex and I'm considering giving them their own space. Is there anything lovelier than a speckled sussex in the sunlight, with that iridescence glittering green-black?
I have 2 (about 9-10 months old) and they are definately the flock favs! They are ALWAYS the first to try something new. Always the first to come to the gate. If I go in the coop, here they come to see what I'm up to. When I sit out in the run, one of them will have to jump up on the chair with me. They are friendly, curious, smart, brave (for a chicken - lol) and beautiful. I'm hoping to add a few more breeds in the spring, but if I had to pick just one of the breeds I've know so far - it would be speckled sussex.
it seemed like my SS hen was too docile for her own good, but once she had babies to protect she became very tough with the other ladies and they came to respect her.
Im glad to hear that. I have really been leaning toward Speckled Sussex. Everything I read about them is positive. Thanks.
I like the two SS I have as well. Never saw this breed til I got them from TSC as chicks. Mine do the picking. They're the first two in the coop at night. I have two other breeds in the flock and these two stick together wherever they go. I had roos I got rid of. I wish i would have kept one.
Sometimes i think that the Specks are SO friendly as a survival trait ( if you have to cull the flock the speck will be close to the last bird you will want to cull , your kids would never forgive you ...LoL )

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