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  • Breed Purpose:
    Dual Purpose
    Climate Tolerance:
    All Climates
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Brown tinted
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Speckled and Light
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl

    The Sussex is a dual purpose breed that originated in England around the time of the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43, making them one of the oldest known breeds. Today they are a popular breed for show exhibitions as well as a garden breed.

    The Sussex is an alert, docile breed that can adapt to any surroundings. They are comfortable in both free range or confined spaces and in the presence of humans, although they will mate and breed better in larger spaces. The breed frequently goes broody in the warmer months. They are good foragers and are generally vigorous and hardy as a garden fowl.

    Sussex egg

    Sussex chicks

    Sussex hen

    Sussex rooster

    For more information on this breed and their owners' and breeders' experiences with them, see our breed discussion here:
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  • Chicken Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose:
    Dual Purpose: Egg Laying and Meat

    Comb: Strait Comb

    Broodiness: Often

    Climate Tolerance:

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity:
    Very Good

    Egg Size: Large

    Egg Color: Brown

    Breed Temperament: Gentle, Friendly

    Breed Colors / Varieties: Speckled, Light,

    Breed Details:

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Recent User Reviews

  1. chickenmom22
    "A beautiful chicken breed"
    Pros - Beautiful chickens that lay a lot of eggs, and are very hardy and intelligent
    Cons - Tend to be more on the independent side
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  2. SaraSue2014
    "My favorite breed thus far"
    Pros - smart, broody, good layers
    Cons - a little to smart for their own good
    This breed is my favorite thus far. We have had Speckled Sussex sine we started raising chickens in 2014. Speckled Sussex.jpg They are very docile towards other chickens unlike our Easter Eggers or Aracanas who are just plain bullies. They lay every day and through all seasons. They tend to be broodier than my other hens and did well raising their little ones. My only complain is they always fly out of the chicken lot when we are wanting them to stay in for whatever reason ( usually because we are gardening or planting grass seed.) However, I will say at least they also fly back in on their own and we never have to catch them.
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  3. akdickens
    "Friendliest Chickens I Have"
    My Speckled Sussex hens are, by far, the friendliest chickens i’ve ever had. As soon as I walk out the door they come running and they follow me everywhere. Cleaning the coop is a bit challenging because they are always at my feet and want to see what I’m doing. I highly recommend this breed!

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  1. Mountain Peeps
    LOL your's sound just like Rosie!! She is very vocal! :)
  2. N F C
    Enjoyed reading your review! Your Rosie sounds like our SS, great birds...very entertaining and beautiful. Have to say though, for such pretty birds, they have the craziest voices. They make us laugh every day.
  3. alica31
  4. JRobichaud
    I have two that look like this. I can't figure out if they are male or female! Does your girl have green feathers on her tail?
  5. Turk Raphael NOT underestimate the bantams...some are tougher than pine knots.
  6. fatcatx
    Only one of ours would try and go broody but she could be easily dissuaded after a few days of pushing her off the nest. Our other one has shown no signs of broodiness - yet!
  7. chiklee
    The only bad thing about the Sussex is they all go broody at the same time . I had a hen house full of broody. 4 out of 6 at once. they fought over the nest and the eggs crazy little Hens But they are wonderful mothers. Very protective of their chicks . I like mine a lot. I will keep them my favorite breed .
  8. Julic
    I got 2 Speckled Sussex chicks about 3 weeks ago and I have fallen in love with one of them. My brooder has walls that are about 3 ft high. When I stand by it or lean down to talk to the chicks, she stretches her neck up high and will jump straight up in the air while looking at me. I will reach in to get her and she will stay still. This morning she climbed on my hand when I reached in. WHAT!? I have raised 23 chicks in that brooder and never had one that curious or friendly even when I held them all the time.
  9. foghornleghorn9
    Yes, I will be glad to write another review down the road. We live in AZ so we really don't have winter. The are handling the heat extremely well though. We have been over 100 degrees everyday for several weeks now. They are not the in-your-face annoying type at all. They are just curious and I have to admit, I encourage them to be under foot with me. I got them for their great eggs and to be more of a pet. A pet that gives me breakfast, but still a pet, lol. I will never be able to give you their value as poultry because I don't cull my birds. They die of old age (hopefully) and not for dinner. I don't knock it, it's just not for me. I have to be honest, I may start breeding my Speckled Sussex and perhaps my Silkies also. I'm getting soft in my old age, lol. Good luck with your birds. Thank you for your comment.
  10. Turk Raphael
    So, I gather this is a fun-loving, in-your-face kind of bird, huh? To me, that might be a downer, if you can't walk for having them under-foot.

    After you have had them through a winter and they have shown what they are made of, please write another review, giving details about their value as poultry and not a 'chum'. If they really work out to be good layers, I might give them a try. Thanks in advance!

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