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  1. BantyChooks
    "Gorgeous Birds"
    I have a pair of 6-month-old Svarthöna and I quite like having them around. They're very docile and easily tamed, in fact, they're annoyingly friendly at times. They are a smaller bird, so their eggs aren't full size, but that's just a minor inconvenience.
  2. 0wen
    "Great birds"
    Pros - Friendly, curious, docile
    Cons - egg production
    My Svart Hona are among my favorite birds. They always come over to interact or see what's happening when I go to the coop/run and neither the hens or roosters have shown anything but the best behavior. My SH rooster is my dominant flock rooster and is easy when mating the girls. He's in a coop with 14 pullets and another rooster (barred rock bantam) and they get along fine - both crow, both mate the hens, etc.

    I hatched a few just to add to my flock and all ready planning on expanding in the spring and eventually moving them to their own breeding pen (along with some hobby project crosses). I can't recommend them enough - the only down side is that their production isn't great, but I knew that going in.



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  3. Kindercare
    "Beautiful and friendly"
    Pros - Memorizingly beautiful, calm, hardy, friendly, good foragers, good flyers, play well with other breeds
    Cons - Too small to be a good dual-purpose breed, historically hard to aquire, a little shy, the bottom of the pecking order in my mixed flock
    Very happy with my Svarthona. They are great birds. Healthy and even tempered, if not a little shy. Good with my kids. Absolutely gorgeous. A hit with friends and family (even "non-chicken people"). As someone that raises birds for eggs and meat, my only wish would be that they were a little larger.
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  1. goedric
    I have these as well, and they are both smart and friendly... especially the hens... i have noticed that some of the roos have sapphire blue earlobes.. quite striking... i was told by some other breeders that black and sapphire ear flaps are acceptable but white should be culled. My birds are 100% black except the sapphire earlobes on 2 of 4 roosters... also, one rooster has a floppy comb... assuming it's a bad thing but cannot find any reference to the standard here... the only reason i don't cull him is that his sapphire earlobe is the most striking... i am thinking of breeding to enhance the sapphire earlobes.. because i think its more beautiful and also to help distinguish between Svart Hona and ACs... sorry for the bad pics (actually no pics cant figure out how to upoload)...
  2. Gdove419
    I have two of these birds. They are young, about 2 months old, but they are friendly and so pretty, with very black feathers that have a green sheen to them in some spots. Also black combs, legs, wattles. They also have an almost musical sound to them when they are chirping. Unusual and so pretty.
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  3. BlueJayFarm
    Since this was a fake review, I take back my thumbs up!
  4. 0wen
    As mentioned above - related to Cemani but a different bird. If you want pets, these guys win hands down - amazing personalities, friendly, curious. I can't say enough about them really - My rooster just turned a year old and have had zero signs of aggression from him - my kids handle him regularly; I never even think about him being anything but pleasant whenever I'm in the coop with him.
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  5. Hens rule
    So cute! The black combs and wattles are cool.
  6. Jensownzoo
    I asked someone who had both Cemani and these which ones they prefer personality-wise...the Svart Honas won out.
  7. arrowti
    They are related but different species.

    I might add this to my 'want' list... :)
  8. AustralorpsAU
    Are these the same as Ayam Cemani?
  9. Purpletie3
    No,that is the Svart hona, LKA....Black Swedish Hen. They are said to have been one line at one time with the Cemani's.They are also rarer than the Cemani's. Very similar. All black melanistic chickens.
  10. ChickenGrass
    Are these Ayam cenami?

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