The Book of Geese: A Complete Guide to Raising the Home Flock

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    The Book of Geese: A Complete Guide to Raising the Home Flock
    Dave Holderread
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    This handbook is meant to be used as a guide, not a golden rule. In the raising and breeding of livestock, there are such numerous variables involved that they can not all be taken into account in a book. Geese can and often do respond differently than the norm, depending on factors such as environment, temperament of their caretaker and peculiar breed of strain characteristics. So don't be afraid to experiment and find which methods work best in your situation, with your birds.
    Most geese are kept for their useful qualities. But we hope your days are not so busy that you can't also enjoy the graceful beauty and amusing antics that these stately birds provide if you will just take time to watch. Happy goose raising!
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  1. Twistedfeather
    "Book of Geese"
    Pros - Informative, Learned so much about Geese
    Cons - Outdated,
    David Holderead a waterfowl expert and the author of this book was very informative in this guide to raising geese, I used many things in this book to stump 4-Hers. The only problem with this book is that it is outdated (I got it from Goodwill) and some of the breeders who were in there are not here much anymore and this was also the time before the Egyptian Goose had trouble in Oregon. Any Goose lover and those who are interested in starting will benefit from this book.

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