The Chicken Chronicles by Alice Walker

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The Chicken Chronicles
Alice Walker
I highly recommend this charming and insightful little book by Pulitzer prize winning author Alice Walker. In it she writes about and to her chickens, describing their journey together, her travels away from, her past, her present, her philosophy…..

It is so much more than just a book about chickens, then. But it is also very much about chickens; the ups and downs, the joys and tears, the everyday things we all have experienced with our own. Ms. Walker could easily be a BYC member relating her stories to us under a different moniker…maybe she is, are you here, Alice? If so I thank you for this book!!!!!

Let me add a quote from the book

This passage comes after weeks of traveling and not seeing them:

“You are all so much bigger, more self-confident and self-assured than when I left, that for a moment Mommy wondered if you were the same chickens. And you appear even more intelligent. Mommy has always thought chickens have a look of erudition, but by now you have a look that is practically professional. Fleeting, I admit, because usually you are on your way to devouring something: greens, grains, or bugs. But it is there, that look of high intelligence, and Mommy appreciates it. She amused herself imagining you in reading spectacles.

What she did not expect was that the Ameraucanas among you, you of the pale green and blue eggs, would also sprout beards. Beards in the Abe Lincoln style, beards that go up to and seeming into your ears. What magic is this? Bearded ladies who also lay colorful eggs! The wonder of this leaves Mommy breathless.”

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This book is definitely going on my holiday reading list!


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