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The Chicken Encyclopedia: An Illustrated Reference

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  • From addled to wind egg, crossed beak to zygote, the terminology of everything chicken is demystified in The Chicken Encyclopedia, a comprehensive A-to-Z reference volume presented in a friendly, highly illustrated format. Chickophiles will find breed descriptions; definitions of the most common conditions, situations, characteristics, and behaviors of chickens; and much more. Whether it’s the difference between wry tail, split tail, and gamy tail; the meaning of hen feathered, forced molt, or quill feather; the characteristics of droopy wing; the content of granite grit; or the translation of a chicken’s alarm call, here are all the answers to every chicken question and quandary, from the practical to the curious.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Punkybrewster
    "Excellent reference book."
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  2. Hen Pen Jem
    "Quick and Concise"
    Pros - Well illustrated
    Cons - Short descriptions, but is concise.
    What a handy book to have. The reader can quickly check on anything about chickens. There's lots of great information, and interesting things to read about. For instance, the "Trap Nest". I never heard of it, let alone, thought of such a contraption! But, I surely could have used one, on several occasions.

    Talk about learning something new!

    The photo illustrations showing all the different chicken breeds, is a good reason to get the book. I really recommend this book, especially for those new to chicken keeping.

    Another great book by Gail Damerrow! :thumbsup
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  3. Twistedfeather
    "The Chicken Encyclopedia"
    Pros - Informative, Easy to read, Organized, Full of pictures and examples
    Cons - There were some things that were described but I wished had an picture for
    Dang it! Can't find much wrong with this book. It has just about everything there is to poultry terms. It's easy to read, many pictures and examples, and when the pictures of the birds came up they really represented their breed. Now all they need is an encyclopedia for ducks
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  1. Circle W Farms
    Great Chicken book to look stuff up quick

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