The Chicken Health Handbook by Gail Damerow

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  1. flyingroosterranch
    "The Book!!!!"
    Pros - If you can only have one chicken book this is the one I would recommend.
    Very informative. Lots of good information
    Cons - Didn't find any.
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  2. Twistedfeather
    "The Chicken Health Handbook"
    Pros - Informative, Explains how a disease works and how to basically keep a chicken healthy,
    Cons - Missing a couple new diseases May be a challenge to read for young children
    Keeping a chicken healthy is harder than it seems. There are so many problems and illnesses a chicken can have that it can fill a book! And that's exactly what it did. The Chicken Health Handbook does a great job explaining a whole bunch of different conditions that a chicken can get and how to recognize them and cure them. There's a lot of Biology to this book! The only problem I found with it was that there are diseases like West Nile Syndrome and Egg Drop Syndrome that did not exist until after this was published and there have most likely been some ways to cure, know what causes a certain illness found out after the 2000's. This is an amazing read and is worth getting.
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  3. Silseb
    "Important addition to chicken library"
    Pros - covers almost everything
    Cons - can be a little scary for a beginner
    This book is an important resource that every poultry fancier should have in their library. Useful for hunting down even the more obscure things that can go wrong with your birds. Probably more than 90% of the common questions that people ask on poultry forums are answered in this book.
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