The Complete Chicken: An Entertaining History of Chickens

Pam Percy provides a colorful, egg-straordinarily entertaining account of chicken history;...

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The Complete Chicken: An Entertaining History of Chickens
Pam Percy
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Pam Percy provides a colorful, egg-straordinarily entertaining account of chicken history; breeds; the world of chicken collectibles; and the chicken’s role in art, pop culture, myth, legend, religion, and folklore. The lighthearted yet informative text is complemented by delightful illustrations and photographs. Whether you’ve been a longtime fan of chickens or have recently become fascinated by these captivating creatures, you’ll find something to crow about in The Complete Chicken. Which came first the chicken or the egg? That's just about the only question about chickens that isn't answered in The Complete Chicken... In this book, you'll also find a wide selection of words and phrases inspired by chicks, technical poultry terms, instructions on how to say "cock-a-doodle-doo" in different languages, as well as other trivia. This comprehensive look at chickens makes it easy to see how these birds have captured our imagination.

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Pros: Historically educational, As the title says it was entertaining
Cons: There are some things best left in the past, Some chapters are more for collectors of chicken memorabilia.
Ever wonder where the chicken come from, who was responsible for making the chicken the wonderfully useful bird it is today, or even which historical figureheads owned these creatures. Pam Percy's The Complete Chick: An Entertaining History of Chickens covers a lot of that for us. There were many useful facts like the original purpose of the chicken which may surprise you was not to eat or collect eggs but for cockfighting. The first couple of chapters I found the most useful while the rest seemed to pertain to things like art related to chickens, famous chickens in literature and television, and household poultry related things. All were very interesting but throughout reading the book there were a couple sections that'd not be the best for a young raiser of chickens to hear but most everything was fine. The Complete Chicken was published 2002 so it has been here a while.


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