The Penthouse Coop & Run (flat pack)

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    Backyard chicken
    The Penthouse
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    AUD 949
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    • Suits: 2-10 hens
    • 7 x perches = 7m of perching space!
    • 3 x private & lockable nesting boxes
    • 4 x removable metal cleaning trays
    • Arrives raw, prepped for painting any colour you like – See ‘Timber’ section below
    • Sliding windows & high ceilings
    • Secure small guage 10mm x 10mm welded galvanised wire mesh (snake proof)
    • Tongue and groove style timber cladding roof
    • Heavy duty timber: 30mm thick with 12mm cladding (twice that of other coops)
    • Assembly: 1 hour, arrives pre-assembled in boxes (download our video & instructions below)
    • Weight: 88kg (double the weight of the average coop this size)
    Overall Measurements:
    • Length: 3.7
    • Width: 1.43
    • Height: Run: 1.2m / Hutch: 1.57m / Chimney: 1.8m
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  1. Pjacct
    Pros - Easy to set up, sturdy, great space and easy to clean
    Cons - Mesh could be a fraction thicker wire and spaced slightly bigger, but not a deal breaker
    Coop handles are really not that handy and once you attach the run, they don’t serve a function at all.
    We purchased this coop to be a permanent structure in our garden rather than a tractor style coop.
    It is thicker, heavier and more sturdy material than the cheaper options available using fir.
    Easy to paint, assemble and instructions were easy to follow.
    To complete the construction and fit the run to the coop you do require levelling of the ground as I would be concerned about warping over time if this was not done.
    We added wire mesh with heavy mulch and pavers to sit the coop and run on top of.
    Service from was good and prompt which was great especially as I had an issue resolved around the holiday period.
    Whilst the coop has handles on the side, it is too wide for average height people and arm width to be able to safely lift and move. You really need 3 people or arms with a wide grip! You wouldn’t really want to move this about too much.
    If you extend the run area then I think it will comfortably house up to 10 chickens but if you were looking to house and use the run provided only, then I would put a maximum of 3-4 large birds depending on breed.
    I like that the roosts do not sit over the nesting boxes and the tray slides out for easy cleaning.
    I do wish the wire mesh was slightly larger to accommodate the water and feeder we already had but alas, hardware Velcro tape has worked a treat.
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  1. SimoneG
    where can you buy this at?
    1. Pjacct
      Hi Simone.... there is a URL in the article. This is an Australian business. Cheers, pen
      Pjacct, Mar 3, 2018
    2. SimoneG
      Ok thanks! I was hoping it was avail in the US :? Looks great though :)
      SimoneG, Mar 5, 2018
  2. bkcruce
    Looks Good!
    1. Pjacct
      Thanks Bruce, good to be finished now just waiting for the new pullets to start laying.
      Pjacct, Jan 21, 2018

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