The Visual Guide to the Silver Laced Wyandotte By: Abigail Wojtecki

  • My name is Abigail and I got started raising the wyandotte because of my love for animal husbandry. I have always had a passion for raising animals and, after moving to a small farm, I fell in love with livestock. It all started out with a few old hens from a farmers auction my dad had purchased. As my fascination for poultry grew my research and involvement did as well. After I attended my first local county fair everything snowballed from there. I currently travel to 5 different states for shows and have met people all over the world who enjoy poultry as much as I do. As I have traveled and talked with others there were many questions I was asked about wyandottes that even I didn’t know. As the questions piled up I decided to dig for answers. I had to travel far and wide and speak to a vast amount of people to collect the knowledge I have now. One thing I have found is most poultry info is passed down the old fashioned way, through word of mouth. As the gathering continued I decided to start putting the information into illustrations and words. Combining visual and textual interpretation for an easier understanding of a subject some are completely foreign too. On top of making an informational book I also wanted it to be beautiful. Something not just to look at for information but also to treasure and remind the viewer how stunning chickens are. Each chapter will have a description of what will be discussed with a unique illustration highlighting the ideal described. Each ideal will also have at disqualifying illustrations so you can compare the ideal versus defective characteristics.
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