***Threaded Style*** Oasis Poultry Water Nipples, 10 Pack, Sanitary Water for up to 30 Chickens, Tur

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    Love your poultry but tired of changing that stinky old water tank every morning? Let the Coop Queen help! With these 10 poultry nipples you can build your own system to deliver clean, non-poopy water to your chickens using ordinary hardware store parts, that can be re-filled from outside your coop! Complete instructions included for how to put this together. ***PLEASE NOTE: These Screw-In drinking nipples work best when screwed into bucket reservoirs. The will work in round pipe, but for the best fit when using 3/4" PVC use our SADDLE STYLE nipple drinker***
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  1. woodenfarm
    Pros - Not having to change water out every day or every other day is a huge plus!

    Using a bucket holds more water without getting dirty
    Our ladies love these after taking one or two of them to it and tapping their youth to it a few times they took right to it.
    We made ours water holder using a 5 gallon bucket with a lid and bought the nipples. It is cheaper that way then buying ones already made in fees stores.
    Not having to change water out every day or every other day is a huge plus!

    Would buy the nipples again and highly recommend.
    Purchase Date:
    Jan 2018
  2. BackyardFlock17
    "Pretty great for the chickens. I used them to..."
    Pros - Work very well
    They work really well and I have nothing bad to say about them.

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