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  • Dont forget you will need many tools & accessories to get started on your electric fence. This section includes fence tools, electric fence wire, post, electric fence testers, connectors and accessories for your fencing projects.
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  1. Farmer Connie
    "Have a couple of them"
    Pros - Multi purposes
    Cons - Hard to think of any cons
    And 5 stars!
  2. Conchis
    "Great Tool!"
    Pros - Solid, versatile, built for the task
    Cons - It isn't with me at all times.
    This is one tool that really is essential if you work with wire or fencing. I've told many many people that if there were only one tool in the world that I could have it would be this thing.
  3. kaylee gee
    "I love this!"
    Pros - That multi-purpose tool is awesome! Hammer, wire clipper, crimper, pliers, wrench, pick axe lol I love it! And the Wire roll-out helper is wonderful!
    Cons - None that I have come across!
    I bought it to put up an electric horse fence actually, but I will be using it when I build new runs as well. Best tool purchase I've made in a long time!
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  1. Farmer Connie
  2. Conchis have you had a chance to use one.....this thing really does all of the things that it says that it does.
  3. Haunted55
    Good to know! I've seen something like this and wondered if it really worked. I guess i'll be picking one up soon as i will be doing lots of fencing soon.

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