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transylvanian naked neck (black)

Average User Rating:
  • large rooster and hens (large eggs)
  • 60db5e52_138251611_DSC05348_2.jpeg

Recent User Reviews

    "Great birds. I love them."
    Pros - Friendly Calm
    Cons - None
    I have had my one for four years now. I first saw them at the fair and knew i needed one.
  2. mamawolf544
    "The best breed overall !!"
    Pros - Naturally disease resistant, feed to egg ratio is the best by far.
    Cons - None
    I have raised this breed for 14 years, They are the best dual purpose bird in my opinion hands down. And I have tried many breeds.

    They free range, withstand confinement without a problem, lay 300+ very large eggs per year, 50% of the feathers means they eat less and more goes to their egg production. They are the only known chicken to be naturally resistant to most diseases, so much so that in other Countries around the world Naked Neck's are introduced into the flocks to make them stronger. (think about that the next time you buy some imports [​IMG])

    I live in Texas and they withstand our 115 degree days, and survive when Mother Nature pulls a fast one on us and it is below freezing. Usually in the same week.
  3. hellbender
    "Excellent production birds."
    Pros - Very tolerant to both heat and cold. Calm and friendly, often to the point of being dog-like. Eggs are Lg to Ex/Lg and in various shades of brown.
    Cons - None to speak of...The cons are in the minds of some who see them for the first time.
    My family has bred these birds for more than 70 years along with Australorps. We have recently decided to cut our work load and the breed we dispersed was Australorps, another one of the great production breeds.

    The initial 'Jurassic Park' look of this old breed does indeed make some people skeptical that they are chickens at all but once you get to know the breed, realize what wonderful personalities and production qualities they are endowed with, it's very easy to fall in love with them. Many are dog-like in as much as they will follow you around and try to 'help' with whatever project is at hand. That being said, it would only follow that they make excellent pets for children...of all ages. Additionally they are above average brooders and take the job of motherhood very seriously. Some will group-brood, with as many as three hens caring for the chicks as if every chick was their own...then some are very territorial and guard their chicks against adult birds, other animals and humans they do not know.

    Am I prejudice? Absolutely, but my views are based upon a lifetime of raising this breed and if they weren't all I say, they would have gone down the pike many years ago.

User Comments

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  1. Abriana
    Interesting looking birds. Their plumage is pretty, and though i prefer birds with feathered necks, these seem like good birds.
  2. nikkers390
    I have only raised chickens for 4 years, but these are, without a doubt, my favorites. Everything hellbender said is true and I might add that hey are also disease resistant. I have never had a sick naked neck. If I had to choose just one breed, this would be it.
  3. lcertuche
    It's good to hear someone with real experience review a breed. Too often someone who just got a chick or two will give a review.
  4. lcertuche
  5. kidcody
    Everyone can sit back and evaluate if a person needs mental help along the way...this is no exception to the rules
  6. AthenasOwl
    I have never experienced frost bite or any cold intolerance. These are wonderful birds that are all around very durable as well as loving! Proof? They were created in Germany/Transylvania, where they have very cold winters. I highly doubt that they would have been popular or even created here, had they not been cold worthy.

    I hope people stop and think about when and where they were created before deciding against this breed based on the original posters view. (just my 2 cents.)
  7. TreyShanks20
    im in nebraska and i wish you were closer i love my naked neck hen
  8. snowflake
    very nice roo, I kind of prefer feathers to bare necks. but they are fun. and right now I could use a few more eggs :)
  9. CherriesBrood
    Also, what is there egg size?
  10. CherriesBrood
    How good do naked necks do in California? I'm considering getting some, I'm just curious to see how good they will do where I live.

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