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    Warning! Do not buy from this company but especially this coop.
    We reluctantly bought this coop because it was sight unseen and we should have listened to our instincts. It is junk. It came in two boxes, only a thin piece of paper in-between pieces and no padding. So as you can imagine it had broken pieces throughout and many pieces that had fallen off and loose pieces in box. We were afraid to even put the coop together due to how flimsy the wood material was. We took many pictures and called the company immediately after opening. They asked for pictures and a description of all the damage. We asked to either send item back or get a discount due to so many broken pieces. There only response was that all these broken pieces must have happened during shipment-that because it was coming from WA to IN there was bound to be damage. REALLY!!!! Most of the broken pieces could have been prevented with better packing, some had nothing to do with packing just laziness and poor quality.
    They would not provide a discount and said they would replace one item, after two weeks still had not received a email stating item had been shipped.
    They also claim this item is for 12 hens. NO WAY! There is no way 12 full grown hens would ever fit in this item. Maybe 7 or 8 tops.
    This coop is way to over priced. If this item was 300 I would not be writing this review.
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  1. tnmcampbell
    "Warning Do NOT BUY THIS COOP"
    Pros - We have a temporary spot for our chickens until our barn is built
    Cons - To many to list all
    This item came poor packaged, multiple broken pieces (10 plus), the quality is terrible, the wood is so flimsy and cheap. They claim that this coop is for 12 hens. No way can 12 full grown hens live in this coop.
    Unfortunately we did not open this item for 30 days and could not send back because of there 30 day policy. They would not give refund or discount for all the damaged pieces, only replacing one piece that after three weeks still have not received that.

    This product is not worth 700 at all. If it was a 200 item I would not be so concerned.
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  1. ukype270win
    I have found, through researching several, buying one, and building a run addition, that they often consider how many hens can roost wing-to-wing in the coop. That may be quite a few, but as far as run space in the coop, they are usually far less than adequate for the number stated.
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  2. Texas Kiki
    I am sorry. Almost all premade coops don't tell the truth about how many chickens it really actually holds.
    In the future alway cut the number at least in half.
    Even better look for the exact measurement. one grown hen needs 4 square feet.
    (Per bird)

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