Urban Northern Coops "Resort Coop"

Pros: easy to put up
Cons: constant maintenance, flimsy, roof leaks, always wet in interior
I bought this coop 3 months ago. I live in Washington. I will let the pictures do the talking.

ywZsD1R - Imgur.jpg
7zPz1zE - Imgur.jpg

Terrible design flaw with the wood trim. Water soaks into the wood directly.

dUgflY6 - Imgur.jpg

7oruz0z - Imgur.jpg
Inside the coop. The roof leaks terribly. Believe me I am trying to remediate the mold but it's impossible.

NJFKnHl - Imgur.jpg dHGZ1Bf - Imgur.jpg DjAQsnV - Imgur.jpg

The shavings are constantly wet inside this coop. I have to change them every week. Water wicks into the coop from the terrible "roofing" material. when in rains it drips into the coop.

aMpVX1y - Imgur.jpg

Falling apart, moldy and a health hazard for my chickens.
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Pros: We have a temporary spot for our chickens until our barn is built
Cons: To many to list all
This item came poor packaged, multiple broken pieces (10 plus), the quality is terrible, the wood is so flimsy and cheap. They claim that this coop is for 12 hens. No way can 12 full grown hens live in this coop.
Unfortunately we did not open this item for 30 days and could not send back because of there 30 day policy. They would not give refund or discount for all the damaged pieces, only replacing one piece that after three weeks still have not received that.

This product is not worth 700 at all. If it was a 200 item I would not be so concerned.
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