Vetericyn Wound and Infection Spray

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    Non-irritating and antibiotic-free Vetericyn[​IMG] Wound Spray helps debride, rinse, and eliminate odors in wounds and is scientifically designed for a wide variety of wounds, ulcers and abrasions in both companion pets and horses. Vetericyn[​IMG] Wound Spray is pH neutral, non-flammable, and does not cause skin or eye irritation. Show or race horse owners can use Vetericyn[​IMG] with the assurance that it "tests free" and is safe if ingested or licked.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Abriana
    "Great stuff!"
    Pros - Works well
    Safe to get in mouth
    Comes in a big bottle
    Cons - Hard to use, since it’s so big
    Pump gets stuck/stops working
    I believe this item overall works well. I’m comfortable using it because it’s safe for animals to eat. The only problem is that it’s a large bottle and I find it hard to work with on chickens. Since they’re so wiggly during treatment your hand gets sore trying to pump and hold the bottle with the same hand while your other one ties down the bird. If it came in smaller bottles I feel it would work better. Also the pump doesn’t always work well. But the contents are great!!

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