Vetericyn Wound & Infection Care - 16 Ounce Trigger

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  1. DobieLover
    "Great stuff!"
    Pros - Excellent for wound care
    Cons - None!
    This stuff is fantastic. One of my pullets cut her face and was bleeding everywhere. We cleaned her up, stopped the bleeding and applied Vetericyn to the would twice daily for three days and she never got infected and the cut healed beautifully.
  2. Happy Daze Acres
    "Absolutely AMAZING! a.k.a. "Liquid Gold",..."
    Pros - Spray gel stays on area of wound...Works miracles!
    Cons - Liquid may run and not stay on wound area, but it still works. Might need to apply more often though.
    My rooster skinned my (his) hen accidentally when attempting to fertilize her eggs. His claw ripped her open below her wing just above her drumstick on her left side. I could see her "PERDUES" (raw meat). I rinsed her wound out with saline, spray Vetericyn into her 4"x3" wound, and bandaged her up by wrapping her with a roll of gauze. I put a dog sweater on her to keep her from moving her wing and to not mess with her bandage. I kept her housed in my "hospital" brooder to keep her away from my roo and other hens as she healed from the inside out. I treated her with Vetericyn once daily directly into her wound and redid her bandage until I could no longer get Vetericyn into her wound. Her healing time was about 6-7 weeks. Amazing "Gracie" is doing marvelous and is back to business laying yummy green eggs (yes, she's an Ameraucana). Mind you, she was not put back into the same pen with the roo. Thank you Vetericyn!!!
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  3. juststruttin
    "Awesome Stuff"
    Pros - Easy to use spray bottle
    Cons - Pricey, but will last a very long time
    This stuff has saved lives. Most recently, it saved the life of one of my hens that poked out her eye. I sprayed this stuff in the socket for a week and that is all it took. My bird maybe missing one eye, but she is alive and well and gets along fine in the flock.
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  1. CynazarGoldens
    Carolyn252- I was wondering who would notice! LOL It was a dog. It's still a mystery where she got the cut in her abdomen- we scoured the back yard looking for sharp objects, but honestly the slices looked like they were made with a surgical instrument. Talk about scary!!

    Sunnysimplelife- Vetericyn is amazing stuff. When I have a wound on my own body it's one of the three things I swear by- Vetericyn, MicroTek, and Neosporin. It's the best at getting rid of difficult wounds, especially those that are likely to leave scars. Love love love it! I've never had a problem with using it on myself- I prefer it over anything the doctor could 'recommend'.

    BackyardFarmMom- That's the Vetericyn Opthamolic, I have two bottles of it floating around here. It's basically the same stuff in a gel form. I think you get more for your money in the bigger spray bottle, but then again the gel form stays on longer and really does a good job at coating the entire surface of the eye. The directions for use are probably vague because regardless of how you apply it, it works. LOL I've used the Vetericyn Opthamolic quite a few times, even on myself (I have contacts, so I need to take extra special care to avoid any sort of infection or else I'll be forced to walk around partially blind for a while, or in the worst case scenario an infection could do permanent damage to my eye so my opthamologist says). It's great stuff to have handy just in case you do have an animal with a damaged/infected eye.
  2. BackyardFarmMom
    They have it in a small squeeze bottle too for eye problems... I almost bought some but I felt the directions on it were very vague... I will have to get some and see now! Thanks for the recomendation!
  3. Sunnysimplelife
    I agree with your review. I bought ours for the chickens but our cat had a horrible bite wound very infected over Memorial Weekend. I remembered I had the spray. Starting using 3-4 times a day and sprayed right into the large puncture wounds after we drained them. Within 2-3 days looks so good and like you said it is like the holes just close up with this stuff. After about 4-5 days we could not even see the holes. I swear by this stuff. I am tempted to try it on us.
  4. Carolyn252
    Maybe I missed it, but I can't find any mention of what sort of animal it was that had the "worst wound" on the "holiday weekend". Horse? dog? You state that the animal was pregnant at the time, so I know you're not talking about a chicken.
    Just curious.
    1. TheLongRun
      Same here Carolyn. Also wondered what animal that was...
      TheLongRun, Aug 2, 2017

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