Ware little red hen feeder - worth the high cost?

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I purchased the Ware little red hen feeder. Frankly I liked the legs that folded out as my current feeders were sitting on bricks.

The store I was at did not have prices posted. That should have been a big clue to me. I bought a lot of stuff that day and I thought something seemed high, but I was in a hurry and just paid the bill. Got home and looked at receipt and I'd paid over 20 bucks for it. I was too far away to return it as I'd purchased it out of town, so didn't flip out, just decided to use it.

Day 1. Chicken bonked into it collapsed a leg and food went everywhere. It has what looks like a dog cone of shame on it, which I thought was to keep moisture off the food below, but since this one dipped on one side, the food was not saved.

It holds a good amount of food 2.5 lbs. and it is cute - kinda stylish with red and white design with chicken comb top. you can also hang it because it has a handle, but why would you do that when it has handy dandy legs?

I suppose if I were rich and didn't care what the feeder cost, I would like this better. But when I compare it to the cheapo one I got at a feed store for 3 bucks I feel totally ripped off. The 3 wire legs don't seem like a 17 dollar difference.

If I had gotten it for free as a gift, maybe I'd cherish it more. Frankly I like the cheapo 3 buck version better.

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