Welsh Harlequin

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    Silver Phase
    Gold Phase
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    Large Fowl
    Welsh Harlequin ducks are a derivative of Khaki Campbell ducks. When Leslie Bonnet of Wales found 2 light color mutations in his khaki flock, he began to breed for the trait. Welsh Harlequin ducks began to be imported in to the US in the late 60's with additional imports made in the 80's to diversify the gene pool. Welsh Harlequins were recognized by the American Poultry Association in 2001.
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  • Breed Details:
    Weight classification: Lightweight breed. 5-6 pounds. Dual purpose. Great egg layer. Plucks clean.
    Brooding: Welsh Harlequin hens will brood their own eggs.
    Eggs/year: 300+
    Flight: Welsh Harlequins are NOT good fliers. They may leap and flap a bit but they don't get far.
    Personality: Welsh Harlequins are a friendly, curious breed. Drakes can get protective when their hens are nesting, but they are not capable of doing much harm.
    Drake traits: Iridescent green/black head, pale yellow bill with black bean, white neck ring, chestnut shoulders, cream and brown stippling on back, black (silver phase) or brown tail (gold phase), iridescent blue (silver phase) or bronze (gold phase) wing bands, orange feet with black toenails.
    Hen traits: Creamy white with a stippled effect in browns, slate to dark olive green bills, dark legs and feet, and iridescent blue (silver phase) or bronze iridescent (gold phase) wing bands.
    Duckling traits: Yellow with slight blushing of black (silver phase) or brown (gold phase) on their heads. Welsh Harlequins can be sex linked at hatching. Females have light pink bills. Males have dark bills.






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  1. Fisherlmiranda
    "Beautiful, Sweet tempered"
    Pros - Laying an egg every day, don't eat alot of feed, great forager, broody, calm
    Cons - Drakes seem to get territorial
    Absolutely love my two pair! They don't seem to need alot of feed because they forage so well, and they lay lots of eggs. They are calm and quiet.
    Purchase Price:
    $50 for 4 adults
    Purchase Date:


    1. IMG_20180226_141136_017.jpg
  2. honanbm
    "Beautiful Calm Birds"
    Pros - gorgeous, calm, quiet, sweet, good layers, friendly
  3. Double The Ducks
    "A loving, friendly breed"
    Pros - Loving, friendly with strangers, get along with other breeds, very calm
    Cons - Will peep when you're not there
    IMG_6171.JPG I love my two Welshies. They follow me and cuddle up with me, and they get along well with my Khaki Campbell and Indian Runner. According to Metzer Farms, Welsh Harlequins are the calmest bird on their farm - and they raise many different breeds of ducks, geese, chickens, pearl guineas, and quails. The only downside is that they will get attached and peep when you're not there, but mine have actually learned not to peep when my boyfriend and I are asleep. All in all, this is a great breed for beginners and pros alike.
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  1. braehedge
    Are they a good breed for beginning duck owners?
  2. Abriana
    I am planning on getting ducks. Pekins were my first choice. Then I heard that they have leg problems because they are meat ducks. Someone suggested a Call, but I heard that they are noisy, and because of their small size, they are more prone to predator attacks. Then someone suggested Welsh Harlequins. I feel like I'm FINALLY at the end of my duck-search. Are these suitable pets? Do they go broody a lot? Are they prone to predator attacks? I don't know much about them yet, but if anyone can answer these questions or tell me about them, could you please start a conversation with me?
    1. LaughingDucks
      I raise Pekins and they are very healthy birds. I have had a few leg problems but it is usually from having a hard birth. I also have the Welsh. I think they are so amazing.
      LaughingDucks, Nov 20, 2017
    2. Abriana
      Hi thanks for the reply! I found that I was not actually at the end of my duck search, I actually decided on blue Swedish ducks. Very pretty and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again though!
      Abriana, Nov 20, 2017
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  3. GoldenFlight
    Great, I think you would love one!!! Do you have any ducks now?
  4. Table4Six
    I'm so glad I saw this! I've been looking for some reviews about welsh harlequins, because I would like to buy a female. Thanks!
  5. Zombified
    Just updating this review:

    The Welshies did start laying, and they laid extremely well! All of our Welsh hens went broody. All of my ducks have passed on(predator while we were fixing the fence), but I will absolutely be getting Welsh Harlequins again.
  6. growsaposy
    Super interesting! Keep us posted!
  7. Nebraskagirl
    LOVE my Welsh Harlequins! They are calm, great foragers, smart and are tremendous layers of nice big eggs! They are curious and just great to watch. They are good for beginners and for those who want to add a bit of color to their flock.
  8. Peepsicle
    They look pretty!!! We have fish in our fountain in the back, so we couldn't get ducks (they would eat the fish), but I think that they are cool.
  9. JustDuckie23
    You wouldn't regret it :)
  10. Scooter&Suzie
    Hmmm... If I buy another coop I will want to turn my current one into a home for a couple of these! They sound so nice!

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