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What kind of hen is this?

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Recent User Reviews

  1. nightowl223
    "This isn't a breed review or description"
    This is NOT a review about a breed. The person posting this "breed" is asking what breed their bird is. I directed them to the "what breed or gender is this?" forum.
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User Comments

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  1. Newchikntown
    Looks like a Silver laced wyandotte to me.
  2. Quacking Pigeon
    This isn’t a breed review. BTW it is a silver laced wyandotte.
  3. nightowl223
  4. ReseisCL16
    Silver laced Wyandotte. Great breed!
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  5. famerzellman
    Looks like a Wyandotte to me!
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  6. chickencheeper
    That’s a silver laced Wyandotte, if you want to know breed or have a question then it is best to make a thread and ask there
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    1. kiara0927
      Ok tyvm
      kiara0927, Jan 12, 2018

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