White Bresse

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  • A Canadian variety, the Blue Foot, was developed from French stock in the 1980s and is raised along similar lines.Due to biosecurity concerns from Avian flu they were not allowed outside since 2006. It has become equally highly prized in the USA, commanding many times the price per kilo of an equivalent free range chicken from lesser stock. As of 2011 the Blue Foot is no longer being raised for the commercial market in the US. It is now available from breeders in California and Oregon.
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  1. CochinLover1
    "Great meat birds"
    Pros - Great meat and very good layers
    Cons - Roosters are very aggressive
    All of my Bresse hens are very friendly! The roosters were not, however. The meat on the Bresse is superior in taste. It is the fillet mignon of the chicken world. This breed was originated by the French for its meat. Very good breed if you want a superior meat bird other than your normal cornish.
  2. idlewilde35
    "Pretty Regal Birds"
    Pros - Friendly hens and roos, great foragers, brave!
    Cons - slow growers if you are looking for meat birds
    These are beautiful dual purpose birds. I currently have 4 bresse roosters and they are friendly, mellow fellows. They are great foragers ~ they are historically raised to be a foraging/free ranging bird. Both my bresse roos and my hens are very brave. When my dog tries to nip at them, they just fly right at her and put her in her place!
  3. Ebove06
    "Flighty but pretty"
    Pros - Pretty legs good layers huge eggs
    Cons - Flighty
    I have a couple of these birds, and their legs are beautiful! But they are a bit flighty.

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  1. BlueBaby
    I hatched out some American White Breese 2 weeks ago, and I have more of those eggs in my incubator right now. These are the friendliest chicks that I have ever raised! I really like them! I have noticed that they don't poop as much in the waterer and feeder like my B/B/S Australorp chicks do.
  2. chant
    I currently have 3 hens & 1 roo of the whie bresse. I'm afraid of roosters as a rule, but mine will eat out of my hand, never chases me and though none of them like to be picked up he doesn't struggle or fight to be put down. He's the only rooster I've ever owned that I'm not afraid of. For that reason I'm looking for another one if I can't get my incubator to hatch some out.
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  3. CochinLover1
    Only my roosters were aggressive. My Bresse hens are some of the most friendly in my flock too.
  4. idlewilde35
    This is not a broody breed but you never know. Sometimes you get a hen that will sit on her eggs, even in breeds that have had the broodiness bred out of them. You can always have another broody hen raise the bresse eggs.
  5. healtyfeathers
    Anyone know if Bresse brood their eggs?
  6. Brookhavens
    My Bresse are great egg layers (5-6/week) and some of the friendliest birds in my flock.
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  7. Nutcase
    I think everyone has an evil hen in the midst of their flock.....
  8. Dowie
    How is she evil? Does she peck at you?
  9. melina90
    Haha. I have an evil hen too (buff orpington). She chases my dog around, he's terrifyed poor thing. Lol.

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