White Embden Geese

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  1. Tbird84
    "Love this breed!"
    Pros - Quick, hefty growth. Relatively calm and gentle. Not as noisy or aggressive as Chinese geese. Good grazer.
    Cons - Cannot think of any I encountered.
    These guys grow quickly, have pretty white plumage and gorgeous blue eyes. They are a perfect choice for eating, or just for your free-ranging enjoyment. I grew up with Chinese geese, and these are miles apart in temperament, in my opinion. The Chinese were very loud and noisy, prone to aggression and just not a breed to be handled much. This one, when raised gently, remains calm and happy to see you. They are great grazers and are still a watch dog, though not quite as loud. Now any goose can get pinchy in breeding season, but these are lovely outside that. Can't wait to have them again.
  2. loverofhatching
    "Not Bad"
    Pros - Beautiful to eyes, good for alarming dangers, welcoming
    Cons - none that i can think of and experienced
    I have a pair of Embden Geese. They are with my 3 ducks. All of them hang together but feeding time.
    They connect with me very well. Sometimes it seems that they are complaining about something and need a relief.
    Over all a good breed.
    I have had them for about 3 months.
  3. chickincrazy
    "Sweet, good grazers, pretty."
    Pros - They get attatched to their caretakers.
    Cons - Can be over protective.....
    I got two embden goslings and, let me say, I adored those guys. Actually, they were supposed to be Toulouse geese, but the hatchery gave us the wrong ones. But we found that out too late. Anyway, they grew fast, and were wonderful grazers, grazing on our huge yard all day, not needing much grain. Those geese would follow me everywhere (i babied them too much when they were goslings) , and when I came outside they would honk and fly over to me. After they got older, they started getting aggressive to my family, hissing and snapping when they came outside. They couldn't come out of the house without looking over their shoulder to make sure Phil and Si weren't sneaking up on them. I was the only one safe to go out. Unfortunutely, I wasn't safe after a while, for the ganders (yes, they both turned out to be ganders) decided I wasn't their friend anymore. They would hiss and snap at me as well. And so they were put in the cooking pot. Overall, not a good idea to have ganders.

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  1. jchny2000
    John, I didn't get a notification on your questions. I gather some of my goose eggs, but mark some to leave with the goose hens too. I use a marker or pencil to recognize and mark what eggs I left. Geese take at least 28 days to hatch, I leave the eggs a full 5 days longer. The reason some goose hens sit a while, leave and go back is the outside temperatures. They are preventing the eggs to not get too cold, making them non-viable. They don't realize the eggs are not fertile. Please PM me if you need help.
  2. Nikosbirds
    I can't help but wonder if the ganders are grouped with 4 or 5 females, if they would be less aggressive. That's how it goes with ducks.
  3. lilmiz
    I had a friend who needed to get rid of a pair of geese and a pair of ducks I took them in ( in the begining I never wanted geese I heard they were mean) I did have 5 other ducks. I am glad we took them they dont like to be held like my chickens do but they greet me everytime I go out to the pen In the summer and spring we free range them even thou they can walk where ever they want they tend to stay close to the coop in the straw areas but we have very cold and stormy days lately,
  4. chickincrazy
    Oh, I've considered getting ducks, but I don't have a pond for them. I know they don't need a pond, but I would feel better if they did have one.
    1. Jmurgang1943
      We have numerous children's play pools for our ducks and they are very happy with that arrangement. They're happy if they can splash and bathe.(especially in hot weather)
      Jmurgang1943, Aug 18, 2017
  5. Turk Raphael
    Get Muscovy Ducks instead. They make little noise, get as big as many goose breeds and to some, (like me) they taste better!

    Frequently when goslings are 'coddled', they do turn into very aggressive birds.
  6. chickincrazy
    The geese were a beautiful white when they got older. And I must say, I would totally get geese again, as long as they aren't ganders!
  7. Linzi
    Hello the John I am hoping you can help me out with some information about the egg lying process - when they start laying their eggs ( fertile ones) do they lay the egg and continue to sit on it until they have laid all they are going to in the clutch! And then stay sitting on them all till they hatch - so if they only lay an egg a day when do you know when the time for hatching is up - I only have girls at the moment and they lay and then leave that egg until they are ready to lay another is this what they do when there is a male around as I plan to add a male to the flock after Christmas and would like to know what to expect and can I still collect eggs to cook with and leave some to hatch ??????? Sorry for all the questions but I can not find any clear answers for my questions
  8. BunkyB
    You got to love your Embdens !! I have 4 here as well along with the Chinese, Pilgrim, Toulouse and the rest of the crew. Very friendly birds. Clyde, my oldest at 20 years old is the rooster fight referee here and being Embden, the biggest sook of them all :) He gets everything he wants...lol Steve

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