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White Leghorn Pullets

Average User Rating:
  • The White Leghorn is a great breed but once they hit their 3rd year they only lay evry other day. But if you have a small production farm like me you wouldn't mind. The pullets are very nice but can sometimes get a little hyper. A lot of people say they don't get broody a lot but having 6 of them myself there is always at least one broody. They are a high stress breed so i wouldn't consider this breed as a show bird (they could be because me myself think they are pretty) but since they are a high stress breed they don't like a lot of moving around... i had 8 and 2 died when i moved them to a new coop :( one had a heart attack because of being a high stress breed the other one (unknown cause)... thanks for reading my review. :D
  • 84e9663b_WP_20150821_006.jpeg 3a5eb4e9_WP_20150307_003.jpeg d668dd1c_WP_20150325_004.jpeg b1b3249f_300x300px-LS-eaaf175d_732529470_DSCN6435.jpeg c2cdaee9_1410023876637.jpeg

  • Chicken Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose:

    Comb: single

    Broodiness: very frequent

    Climate Tolerance: low

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity: great!

    Egg Size: ranges from medium to large

    Egg Color: white

    Breed Temperament:

    sometimes hyper... great friendly chickens.

    Breed Colors / Varieties:

    Brown, White, and i think Black. there are probably some others but i don't know.

    Breed Details:

    Chicken Breed Photos:

    Primary Image


    i have three brown leghorn roosters and they get along great!​

    they are a great chicken


    the egg quality is great but very thin shell

    they were hyper chicks but great!


Recent User Reviews

  1. urbannarnia27
    "go for this breed if you want great layers,..."
    Pros - best layers, average daily; sleek looking; seem to get along with the other birds
    Cons - not interested in us people; difficult to catch if you need to; noisy
    We have 2 leghorns that we have raised since they were 5 weeks old. Now at 6 months they don't like us any more and I wouldn't say I'd get them again except for the fact we can count on eggs almost daily. They began to lay very young- probably 4-5 months old. We have had to raise the chicken fence because they could easily fly over our 6 ft high enclosure. They don't cause any trouble in the hen house and stay clear of our resident matriarch (a gold laced Wyandotte). They seem to prefer the company of the young EEs.
  2. msazeeta
    "My favorite but most annoying hen"
    Pros - Likes to be held, great layer, beautiful white eggs, protective, smart, great forager
    Cons - Loud, top of the pecking order,
    My only complaint about this bird is that she is VERY loud and squawky. I love her personality but she will probably be the last leghorn I own for this reason. She established herself at the top of the pecking order from the first day I got her as a chick. In fact, I thought she was a rooster until the day she started laying. She started at 4 months old and only stopped during the winter while she was molting. She enjoys her space from the other chickens from time to time, I guess it's tough being on top...

    This bird is a worm finding machine! Sometimes I like to just watch her scratch for worms. She is incredibly good at foraging and prefers bugs to chicken feed. I must admit that I am a terrible arachnophobic and I am guilty of bringing her in the house to eat any large spider that I can't deal with on my own, including huge wolf spiders and black widows. My girl loves to be held and it's the only thing that will shut her up when she is squawking in the morning. I guess I can forgive her for tearing apart my vegetable garden in search of bugs. [​IMG]
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  3. beetandsteet
    "Great, efficient chicken breed"
    Pros - Fabulous layers, low feed consumption, good foragers
    Cons - Does not produce well after the second year
    White Leghorns have been maligned because of their supposed flighty and loud nature. However, if they are managed in a community flock setting with other breeds, they are fantastic chickens with pretty great personalities. Once they start laying, they lay and lay and lay. However, after about 2 years their production really starts to fall off as opposed to my barred rocks who are still laying well at 4 years of age. My leghorns are active foragers, and their light body size and large combs makes them ideal for a hot climate like Texas. Overall, a super productive chicken breed---a great addition to any laying flock!

User Comments

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  1. RodNTN
    Yeah, they are hard to tell apart.
  2. cassie
    Leghorns are small and excellent layers. Because of their small size they don't eat as much as other chickens. However, they tend to be flighty and prone to hysterics. That is why I don't have any. I much prefer a calmer bird.
  3. Mr Beaks
    Sounds accurate. I have only one Leghorn but she fits your review perfectly! She always sits right in front of the occupied nesting box and squawks incessantly until she gets her way. And it's not your average "bok bok bok" either but a rather torturous cry! Shes totally worth it though. For me the pros far outweigh the cons and I'd love to have more.
      sidders chicken likes this.
  4. HTChick
    I have 2 White Leghorns as part of a mixed flock (in Texas) and I agree with your assessment. They don't like to be picked up but they will come for treats. And I look forward to their contribution to the egg basket!
      sidders chicken likes this.
  5. MamaWalker
    It isn't. Not aggressive BUT........ I should have worded it differently
  6. allosaurusrock
    Why is not aggressive a con?
  7. slordaz
    I find mine were only flighty when we first got them, they beat some manners into the young rooster that had just got his first hormone jolt, they free range with the rest of the flock including the reds without issue, when it's cold they do want their oatmeal with cayenne pepper though in the mornings. haven't had any issues really with them and get 6-7 eggs a week out of them. They are in a mixed flock though and a lot of people say they don't go broody but they sure as heck can and will.
  8. MsRiderUp
    For those of you who have leghorns --- do you have to use petroleum jelly on their combs and wattles in winter? Here in North Georgia it gets below freezing quite a lot in winter. Using the petroleum jelly daily would be a deal breaker for me. Too high maintenance. Thanks!
  9. hellbender
    I simply don't like Leghorns of any stripe but they should certainly be rated far higher than many of those that beat them out.
  10. XxMingirlxX
    Our hen was the same, you couldn't get within 5 feet of her until she began to lay, when suddenly she always wanted to be at our feet!

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