White Plymouth Rock

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    The Plymouth Rock is a very popular duel-purpose American breed, known for their excellent laying ability, general hardiness, and calm good nature which makes them a good choice for small backyard flocks and homesteaders.

    Chickens called "Plymouth Rocks" were shown as early as 1849, but that flock disappeared and later strains from several different breeders combined to form the foundation of today’s Plymouth Rock breed. Mr. D.A. Upham of Worcester, MA is credited as being one of the primary influences on the breed, he first exhibited his birds at the Worcester, MA poultry exhibition in 1869. His birds are generally acknowledged to be the ancestors of the breed we know today.

    A number of different breeds are reputed to have gone into the formation of the Plymouth Rock, including Dominique, Brahma, Black Java and Cochin. The breed gained a great deal of popularity quickly and the Plymouth Rock became the most popular farm chicken in the United States up until WWII.

    The original color of the breed was Barred and early in the breeds history the name "Plymouth Rock" implied a barred bird. Barred varieties remain the most popular color today. As more color varieties were developed, the name Plymouth Rock became the designation for the entire breed, which can now can be found in other colors including White, Buff, Partridge, Silver Penciled, Columbian and Blue.

    The Barred Plymouth Rock was one of the breeds used as the foundation for the commercial broiler industry in the united States in the 1920's and the White Rock is still often used as the female side of the Cornish Rocks or Cornish Cross type commercial broiler cross.

    They are single combed, quite winter hardy, and the hens are good layers of brown eggs. They are occasionally broody and make good setters and mothers.

    The Plymouth Rock breed was recognized by the APA in 1874 and is on The Livestock Conservancy's Recovering list.

    White Plymouth Rock egg

    White Plymouth Rock chick

    White Plymouth Rock juvenile

    White Plymouth Rock hen

    White Plymouth Rock rooster

    For more information on this breed and their owners' and breeders' experiences with them, see our breed discussion here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/chicken-breed-focus-plymouth-rock.982643/
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    6-7 per week
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Cult-of-Trajan
    "Guard the hot dogs very carefully around this one!"
    Pros - Calm, Consistent Layer
    Cons - Not flashy, but....I like her
    I have 1 of these ("Pearl") - she's 8 months old now. Comb is significantly smaller than a Barred Rock.

    As far as laying data - she laid her 1st egg on Day 172. Since then she's laid on 42 out of 54 days for a laying % of 78%.

    She's usually a quiet & unassuming hen - doesn't really stand out in any way particularly. Until we found out about - the hot dog fetish. Background - my wife keeps cut up pieces of cheap hotdogs as pill hiders, bribes, etc for cats & dogs. She was curious about the chickens. THIS girl....will body-check any other hen that gets in her way to get at pieces of hot dog. It's piranha-type behavior. And normally she is SO quiet. She doesn't do this with suet block, mealworms, anything else. But the girl LOVES hot dogs!
    Purchase Date:
  2. CrazyHenLady386
    "White Plymouth Rock Bantams"
    Pros - Adorable! Suprisingly Winter Hardy and consistent layers! Sweet hens and Gentle Roosters.
    Cons - Those little boys like to fight the bigger boys. You'll need to cover your run, they're good flyers!
    I got my Rooster and four hens a few months ago. They're cute and cuddly plus they are excellent 4H birds. They are calm tempered and are very easy to handle. They lay lots of tiny-tiny eggs! Good starter birds!
  3. Leah567
    "Very sweet chicken with a beautiful personality!"
    Pros - Very sweet, tame, and loves attention!
    Cons - none whatsoever.
    I love my white rock chicken Ellie. She is the worlds sweetest chicken and loves attention! She gets along great with the other chickens. I didn't know white Plymouth rocks could be so gentle and tame. Her beautiful white feathers really make her stand out in our flock. If you are getting a flock of chickens I definitely recommend the white rock! They make a great pet chicken and have great egg production! Ellie has been a great addition to our flock!

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  1. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
    If fed with layer pellets, their egg productivity is excellent and their egg size large to jumbo!!!!!
  2. fishnet1971
    I have had white rocks for years! they are good layers, don't mind the weather extremes, and very inquisitive, and friendly.
      sidders chicken likes this.
    Can anyone tell me if they've ordered from Cackle Hatchery, especially any Rhode Island Reds or Golden Comets, Buff Orpingtons, White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Wyandottes, or Easter Eggers? I got a batch of Black Australorps from Chickens from Backyards (which has great service) that are extremely skidish and unfriendly. Also, if I get any new breeds again, I want to try to make sure that are somewhat friendly, fairly docile and/or at least will fit well in a mixed flock without much aggression (allowing for a normal pecking order of course) and be easy to handle.
    1. cppeace
      I bought mine there in person. Mine are all calm.
      cppeace, Apr 18, 2018
  4. minichicks05
    my plymouth rock roo is really agrressive not good around kids
  5. bruceha2000
    I got 2 in my batch of 7 chicks from Meyer on June 10th. Daughter named all the chicks. One WR is named Uki (Japanese for snow) and the other Angel. Not sure what the 4 White Chantecler started pullets I should be getting soon will be named but apparently they will also have some relationship to the color white.

    I wouldn't say mine are particularly friendly though they are inquisitive. They were raised by a broody BA that would let NOTHING get near them so I think they are wary of everything, including the guy who brings treats. Time will tell if that wariness lessens, they come quick as lightening same as all the other chickens when they think there is food to be had.
  6. Chickenchick11
    I have a White Rock named Snow White as well. LOL
    1. lilmarie84
      thats funny I have a white rock named Snow White too
      lilmarie84, May 27, 2017
  7. hellbender
    topdog24...good luck with your new stock. That seems like an excellent name for a bird like yours.
  8. topdog24
    I have one that just started laying, she is so white, my wife calls her Snow White, I want more in the future
  9. topdog24
  10. hellbender
    Cant have everything. I cancled an order for these this yer but plan to re-order them (all pullets) for next spring; either White rocks or Austra-Whites. Either will work for my current long-term project.

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