White Walk-In Chicken Coop

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  • A large white walk-in chicken coop that sleeps 4-10 chooks, depending if you free range or not. It comes with 3 nest boxes, external access, a pull out tray and three roosting bars. A tall walk-in area with a easy-to-lock door with two locks and an interior sliding door, to lock up the roosting area.
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  1. AussieHens96
    "A easy-to-clean walk-in chicken coop with lots..."
    Pros - Easy to walk in and super easy to clean and manage.
    Cons - Ramp too steep, had to build a new ramp that curved around. Added another coat of white paint.
    It was a great coop and fits (currently) our three chooks (2 of which are separate for a few weeks) and will house a couple more in spring. It took 15 mins to build. Our chickens found the ramp leading from the roosting area to be too steep so we built, using the existing one and another bit of wood, a ramp that curved around at a lower angle (see image below). Plus we gave the wood another coat of white paint as it was a bit dull but after that, a great coop. It's easy to keep clean and super secure from any pests. Will do well for free-range chooks or keeping them in, so much room and easy to get into. Couldn't be happier! Great for someone who isn't skilled at building a coop and doesn't have a lot of time to build a coop.You're chooks will love it!!!

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