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    Regular, White, Silver, Apricot, & very rare platinum (only seen in females).
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    Large Fowl
    The wood duck is an American migratory bird and it is closely related to the Mandarin duck of China. They are native to America and are the second most hunted duck after the mallard.
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    Wood ducks are a breed commonly kept in aviaries. They form monogamous pairs, mating with the same mate for their life. The females make a nest in the spring consisting of 8-12 creamy, off-white eggs and they usually hatch in 28-30 days. The young can climb very well. They climb right up out of the nesting box and jump to the ground; the fall kick starts their metabolism and urge to eat. When brooded artificially, some find it difficult to get ducklings to eat. You can fix this by giving them live meal worms, putting domestic ducklings in with them, and smearing wet food on the walls of the brooder. Once started, wood ducks become a very hardy breed. They feather out and fly by 7 weeks. They can be kept in a mixed collection without fear of crossbreeding. They like to swim and really like to have a small pond or pool in their aviary. Wood Ducks are a great breed to own!







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  1. GoldenFlight
    "Super Cute and Very Funny"
    Pros - Adorable, really funny personality, stunning colors, and friendly!
    Cons - Can be a LITTLE feisty to the other ducks.
    We found our little Wood duck (Snuggles), in the summer of 2016. Snuggles has a TON of personality and is always putting smiles on everyone's face that see him!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. twunker
    Pros - colorful, well tempered
    Cons - nothing
    i got 2 from a local breeder and they are amazing!
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  1. Melbeforeyou
    I would hate to pay the 100$ cost of one only for it to fly off :S
  2. Melbeforeyou
    I absolutely love this one, very beautiful, and I have heard they are very sweet. However their size probably does make an issue as far as flying and fleeing is concerned.
  3. Kathysue
    There was a recent article in our newspaper about Wood Ducks- the author described them as being "painted by angels" because of their absolutely beautiful coloring. I have rehabbed a few of them and they are very sweet but timid ducks.
  4. Miss Lydia
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  5. GoldenFlight
    Yes, they do! Thank you! :)
  6. Table4Six
    I raised four wood ducks. One male and three females. They do have really funny personalities. Beautiful duck.
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  7. GoldenFlight
    Awwww.... Thank you!
  8. Trefoil
    He's pretty.

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